Govt Kickstarts Process to Mass Produce Cars For International Market [PHOTOS]

  • An image of BJ-50
    Two cars produced by Sagak AutoTech christened Laikipia BJ-50 that goes for about Ksh. 450, 000 each.
  • The Government on Wednesday, July 22, announced a partnership with Sagak AutoTech to kickstart the process of mass producing cars.

    The car company got the partnership through Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency which is a government organisation whose mission is to brand Kenya, export Kenyan products and build Kenya.

    In a statement, the agency announced the partnership opened the door for the company to sell their cars beyond the country's borders.

    An image of Betty Maina
    Ministry of Trade Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina inspecting the Laikipia BJ-50 on Thursday 17 July 2020.

    "Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency is collaborating with Laikipia County to assess the needs of up-scaling the Sagak Auto tech plant and build capacity to produce for the local, regional and international markets," read the statement.

    It has been a successful week for Sagak as Ministry of Trade Cabinet Secretary, Betty Maina on Thursday, July 17 officially opened the assembly line.

    Sagak's factory is situated in Nyahururu, Laikipia County where all the assembly and production of the car is done.

    Maina endorsed the car model christened Laikipia BJ-50 and noted the Government would offer its support in production and marketing to stimulate economy.

    An image of Laikipia Car
    A file image of Laikipia BJ-50 in production.

    Laikipia BJ-50 first hit headlines back in March 2019 when Laikipia County Government showcased two locally made cars at the Devolution Conference.

    The car goes for about Ksh450,000, has a capacity of seven passengers and achieves a maximum speed of 70km per hour.

    Back in 2019, according to an article on the Laikipia County Government website, the car had already received 26 orders from influential personalities.

    The car however received some backlash from Kenyans who claimed that it was overpriced with some likening it to smokie trollies.

    An image of Laikipia Cars
    A file image of Laikipia BJ-50.