Govt Introduces Covid-19 Guidelines for Smokie Vendors

  • File image of a mobile sausage vendor in Nairobi
    File image of a mobile sausage vendor in Nairobi
  • Guidelines published by the Ministry of Agriculture on the operations of sausage suppliers and mobile sausage vendors sparked debate on Thursday, July 30, as a section of Kenyans claimed they were unrealistic.

    According to the government, however, the new protocols are set to organise suppliers and vendors in a bid to curb further spread of Covid-19.

    Many Kenyans enjoy quick snacks including sausages and smokie pasua at mobile vendors spread across various streets in cities and towns.

    Their operations will, however, be impacted by the new regulations as the government monitoring team looks to have accurate data on the sector.

    A smokie vendor pictured in Nakuru County in 2018
    A smokie vendor pictured in Nakuru County in 2018
    Daily Nation

    The new guidelines are split into two sections, one targeting sausage suppliers and the other targeting vendors.

    Among the new directives for sausage suppliers is to establish and maintain a register of vendors and their locations.

    The suppliers will be required to also maintain a monitoring file on the vendors to be made available to the government monitoring team on demand.

    They will also be required to provide a letter of contract to the vendor and ensure mobile vendors operate using branded trolleys.

    They will also be tasked with sensitising vendors on Covid-19 prevention measures and government requirements, in addition to monitoring them to ensure compliance.

    All workers involved in the preparation and supply of sausages will also be subjected to regular tests to confirm their Covid-19 status. 

    Vendors, on the other hand, will be required to obtain the necessary certifications from their respective county governments to be able to operate.

    They will also be expected to wear a mask and clean gear including headgear, white coat and gloves at all times. The vendors were also guided to use tongs while handling sausages.

    They will be required to pack sausages in hygienic paper bags recommended for the purpose by the supplier.

    It will also be necessary for vendors to either have hand-washing stations with soap and water or to provide hand sanitiser.

    Importantly, trolleys are to be disinfected before and after operations. Physical distancing of 1.5 metres must also be maintained between vendors and their customers.

    They were further directed to ensure that they only sell to customers wearing masks, and to display a notice for customers to sanitize and wash hands and to keep distance.

    They were further instructed that no consumption was to take place at their premises with all orders to be take-away. In addition, vendors were guided to encourage customers to use mobile money transactions.

    File image of smokie vendors lined up at a bus terminus
    File image of smokie vendors lined up at a bus terminus