GoK Driver Takes Off After Accident Involving 3 Cars [VIDEO]

  • A GoK driver seen in a confrontation with two other drivers after an accident in Nairobi o August 2, 2020
    A GoK driver seen in a confrontation with two other drivers after an accident in Nairobi on August 2, 2020
  • The driver of a Government of Kenya (GoK) vehicle went viral on Sunday, August 2, after he was recorded leaving the scene of an accident in Nairobi.

    In a blue Chevrolet Trailblazer with government plates, he was one of three drivers involved in the accident at the Posta Bus Terminus along Ngong' Road, Nairobi.

    According to Maria Maali, who was also involved in the accident, the GoK vehicle crashed into two vehicles in front of it.

    In the video widely shared on social media, the GoK driver was heard blaming the other drivers for crashing into each other, dismissing their protests before getting back in the vehicle and leaving.

    Motorists Along the Busy Ngong Road in Nairobi. Wednesday, March 4, 2020.
    Mororists Along the Busy Ngong Road in Nairobi. Wednesday, March 4, 2020
    Simon Kiragu

    The Trailblazer sustained some damage on its front-end after it crashed into a silver Toyota Avensis.

    Maali revealed that the two other vehicles remained at the scene and called police after the GoK vehicle took off. She accused the GoK driver of quickly fleeing the scene after the accident.

    She further disclosed that three other individuals were in the GoK vehicle other than the driver.

    The video elicited several responses from Kenyans, some who recounted their own experiences of government vehicles behaving badly on the road.

    Government officials have long faced criticism for ignoring road safety rules due to their perceived status, with common complaints including overlapping, parking illegally and speeding.

    In some instances, Kenyans have taken matters into their own hands with reports of motorists refusing to give way to overlapping VIP vehicles.

    If involved in an accident, however, it is important to keep in mind protocols meant to ensure safety and peace of mind.

    First, it is crucial to check for injuries. If you are absolutely fine, confirm any third party loss, injury or vehicle damage.

    If it is a minor accident, the next step is to get out of traffic and to move the vehicle to a safe place nearby. Otherwise, turn on hazard lights if possible and notify other drivers of the accident ahead.

    Next, exchange information with a third party, if involved. Other than personal information including their names and contacts, collect information about their vehicle, make, model, year of car and license number.

    Finally, it is important to file a police report either by visiting a station or calling them to the scene. The original police report will be crucial in filing for an insurance claim. Also remember to take photos, make notes and contact your insurance agent.

    Watch a video from the Ngong' Road accident below: