Kenyan Star Hails John Allan Namu's Musical Prowess [VIDEO]

  • Kenyan journalist John Allan Namu.
    Kenyan journalist John Allan Namu.
  • Kenyan award winning journalist John Allan Namu needs little introduction, having been the face and voice behind some of the country's most daring investigative features.

    However, up until Saturday, August 8, you'd find it hard to believe that the gifted scribe has played a major role in Kenya's music industry.

    In an interview aired over the weekend, musician Muthoni Ndonga alias Muthoni Drummer Queen revealed that Namu played a huge role in penning hit songs for her album "The Human Condition". 

    "I knew John Allan from his days at St Mary's and he is a very good writer. I'm sorry for blowing your cover," she stated.

    Muthoni Drummer Queen speaking on Cleaning the Airwaves. August 8, 2020.
    Muthoni Drummer Queen speaking on Cleaning the Airwaves. August 8, 2020.

    Gospel artist Richard Njau, popularly known as Astar, (who was interviewing Muthoni) was so shocked by the revelation, that he repeatedly asked if she was sure about it.

    "Are we talking about the one and only John Allan Namu?" he asked.

    The celebrated musician chuckled and stated that the cat was now out of the bag, adding that the two had been close friends since their high school days.

    Alongside Sandra Chege, the trio came up with songs for the 11-track album which included hit songs such as mikono kwenye hewa.

    Namu is the CEO and co-founder of Africa Uncensored, an independent media house hinged focused on investigative journalism.

    His incisive pieces over the years have exposed deep seated corruption in and out of the country, extra-judicial killings and other ills in society.

    Ghost writing adds a feather to his illustrious cap, with the art relatively downplayed in Kenya.

    Some of the greatest songs in the country and across the world are not written by the same artists who perform them.

    Gospel artist Pitson who catapulted in the limelight through his 2013 hit single Lingala Ya Yesu has been lauded as one of Kenya's most gifted writers.

    Some of the major hits he has authored over the years include Daddy Owen's Vanity, Afadhali Yesu, Pale Pale by Makena and Size 8 respectively.

    He also wrote Boss MOG Naiunua and recently Mercy Masika's Shule Yako.

    Venanzio Githae aka Mr Vee is another gifted writer, having penned Mercy Masika’s comeback hit Mwema and his personal hit 'Just a way' alongside the late Kaberere.

    Watch Muthoni's interview below: