Kenyans Online Raise Ksh600K for Ailing Man

  • File image of a man on his phone
    File image of a man on his phone
  • Kenyans once again showcased the power of unity and social media when they came together to help raise funds online for an ailing patient.

    One Duncan Misati Nyakundi, a cancer patient will be able to undergo surgery after Kenyans raised Ksh 583,185 by Wednesday, August 12. 

    Nyakundi was diagnosed with two brain tumours and urgently needed brain surgery. The family was asked to raise Ksh 550,000 for the deposit to book his surgery. 

    The fundraiser was started by one Peris Magoma Nyakundi on Tuesday, August 4. Nine days later, over 1,000 Kenyans had helped raise more than the required amount.

    Duncan Misati's medical appeal which was shared online on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

    One Nturo Michael pushed the campaign on Twitter, roping in celebrities who helped raise the cash and promote it on their pages.

    Artiste Hubert Nakitare (Nonini) and renowned lawyer Cliff Ombeta were among those who helped raise the cash.

    "We're inching closer and closer. Thank you Cliff Ombeta for sharing this post. I also appreciate Nonini for the contribution and retweet. God bless your soul and the work of your hands," Nturo Michael tweeted.

    This has become the latest trend of showing compassion for one another at a time the country is battling with the Covid-19 pandemic, as more people lose their sources of livelihood while others fall into depression. 

    Another similar case was when Kenyans joined hands to raise funds for comedian George Maina (Njoro). The drive was pushed by his fellow artist Zainabu Zeddy on Monday, July 20.

    The funds were meant to help Njoro treat his father who had stomach cancer as well as aid the comedian to undergo therapy for attempting suicide thrice. 

    "We got help from a local firm, coupled with Kenyans' support. The firm will take care of my dad’s bill. They said that they will pay all the bills. God is good and he is in heaven," Njoro posted on Instagram on Sunday, July 26. 

    The amount of money raised by the online fundraiser as of Wednesday, August 12, 2020