Ciku Muiruri's Ksh5K Calls to Men That Have Kenyans Talking

  • A file image of media personality Ciku Muiruri
    A file image of media personality Ciku Muiruri
  • Media personality Ciku Muiruri has announced that she is offering hour-long calls to men who are struggling, for a fee of Ksh 5,000.

    In a long post on Facebook on Thursday evening, August 13, Muiruri stated that men did not have a place to vent out their problems and offered help for a fee.

    "I’m starting hour-long calls with men who need to unload about their lives, relationships, fears, whatever is weighing you down. What you cannot tell anyone else. I’ll give a listening ear and the best advice I can. All content is confidential," reads an excerpt of the statement.

    A file image of media personality Ciku Muiruri
    A file image of media personality Ciku Muiruri

    In line with government measures to combat the spread of coronavirus, Muiruri said that her sessions will be held over the phone.

    "No judgment here. Just a listening ear," she affirmed.

    Muiriuri alleged that men had it rough because they did not have people they could confide in when it came to sharing their problems.

    "Who do you share with when you have no money? Not your friends. They are there for sports and deals. You will never let them see you cry. Who do you talk to if you feel broken? If you need restoration?" Muiruri posed.

    Muiruri's post has since garnered 2,400 comments and 317 shares while at the same time trending at number 2 on Twitter.

    While a section of Kenyans believed that Muiruri's concerns would bare great results, others thought that the sessions were too costly.

    "The most ridiculous thing I have seen this week in this app, pay Ksh 5,000 an hour to tell your money-problems to Ciku Muiruri, to get best advice'," a netizen stated.

    "I am a clinical psychologist with a degree in clinical psychology working under Kiambu county and trust me, I have never charged that much for a session," Mandela stated. sought to know how much psychologists charge for their sessions and asked two of their rates.

    One of the psychologists stated that for an hour and 45 minutes, she charged Ksh 3,000 while another intimated she charged Ksh 6,500 for a 3-hour-session.

    The prices, however, were different for children and adults.