DP Ruto's Daughter: How I Am Coping With School Closure

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    File image of Abby Ruto (left) with her mother Prisca Bett (right) and a Maasai moran
  • Abby Ruto's dream of studying medicine was put on hold by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic which forced her to join millions of students stuck at home following Education CS George Magoha's decision to scrap off the 2020 academic calendar. 

    Deputy President William Ruto's daughter enrolled at Alliance Girls High School after she scored 406 marks in the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.

    Speaking with Kenyans.co.ke Prisca Bett, Abby's mother detailed how her daughter had coped with the pandemic which has affected both private and public schools. 

    Bett detailed that she enrolled her daughter for online classes offered by the Ministry of Education, as she remained optimistic that life would get be back to normal soon.

    DP Ruto's daughter Abby Ruto (second right) and her mother Prisca Bett (third right) at Alliance Girls High School in January 2020

    "We are fine and she is progressing well. I have not opted for any other program other than the online course offered by the government. I support the program and CS Magoha's decision which protects parents, students and stakeholders too," Bett stated.

    She, however, sympathised with parents whose children cannot access the e-learning program and called on the government to provide infrastructure to the disadvantaged students.

    On Wednesday, August 19, CS George Magoha shifted focus to President Uhuru Kenyatta and stated that it was only the head of state who could decide when schools would reopen. 

    The CS spoke while assessing the level of preparedness of Siaya Institute of Technology, Siaya County. He reiterated that studies ouldl resume when the Covid-19 curve flattened and once adequate preparations had been laid down to curb the spread of the virus.

    On August 7, he asked parents and stakeholders to prepare themselves for new reopening dates as he was unsure of whether schools would reopen in January 2021 as earlier planned. 

    Prisca Bett stated that as a parent, she would understand if such a decision was reached. She highlighted that it was not only her child but millions of other Kenyan students who had been affected by the pandemic adding that safety was paramount.

    "Even if I say I want to transfer her, which school will she go to. Both public and private schools will be shut down. I will be okay with that decision," Abby's mother stated. 

    Other than e-learning, Magoha unveiled the communal learning program which will see classes undertaken in social halls, under trees and other community spaces with teachers on the government payroll leading lessons. 

    Education CS George Magoha inspects the level of preparedness of Siaya Institute of Technology, Siaya County on Wednesday, August 19, 2020