Fuel Pipeline Bursts, Firefighters Rush to Scene [VIDEO]

  • Fire fighters trying to put out a fire
    Fire fighters trying to put out a fire
  • UPDATE: Wednesday, September 23: Kenya Pipeline Company announced that it had completed repairs on the old Mombasa-Nairobi Pipeline referred to as Line 1.

    The company announced that the repairs had been completed on Tuesday, September 22.

    "KPC emergency team was immediately dispatched and arrived at the site at 1300hrs and emergency procedures were immediately initiated including containment and recovery of hydrocarbons by reticulation of the product back to pump station in Kipevu," read the  statement in part.

    Firefighters rushed to the scene where an underground fuel pipeline burst and started spraying its contents more than four metres into the air on September 23, 2020.

    A video seen by Kenyans.co.ke showed security officers, who called the firefighters, trying to chase a crowd of residents who had gone to harvest fuel at the scene in Samburu Village within Kwale County.

    Some of the residents were adamant and tried to play games with the officers, oblivious of the danger. 

    Watch the video below: 

    The Kenya Pipeline Company was notified in time, and sent a team to repair the damaged line. 

    "Pipeline leak on Line 1 in KM40 Samburu, Kwale County has been repaired and the line is back in operation," KPC reported in a tweet. 

    KPC added that the burst did not affect fuel supply and that the environmental clean up had commenced.

    Kenya Pipeline is one of the parastatals that were collapsed to form the Kenya Transport and Logistics Network (KTLN).

    President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered the formation of KTLN which also included the Kenya Railways Corporation and the Kenya Ports Authority via an executive order on August 7.

    However, the move sparked sharp criticism from the Law Society of Kenya which termed it unconstitutional.

    LSK led by its President Nelson Havi moved to court claiming the move was unconstitutional and lacked public participation.

    A repaired Kenya Pipeline Company conduit which burst in Kwale County on September 23. 2020
    A repaired Kenya Pipeline Company conduit which burst in Kwale County on September 23. 2020