Nairobi MCA Calls Police on City Hall Staff

  • An image of Imwatok
    Makongeni Member of County Assembly Peter Imwatok speaking at a past event.
  • Nairobi County Assembly Minority Whip Peter Imwatok invited police to investigate alleged 'fraudulent consent orders' entered in court regarding the clerk's office.

    The dispute that has been brewing since 2014 between Jacob Ngwele and Edward Gichana has taken a new twist.

    Imwatok claimed that there is a plot to have Mr Ngwele take the position ahead of the determination of a case concerning the true office holder in October.

    An image of Ngwele
    Former Nairobi County Assembly Clerk Jacob Ngwele speaking on phone.

    According to Imwatok, there is a plan to have Ngwele return to office without consulting the Assembly and the Assembly Service Board.

    Imwatok who doubles up as the Makongeni MCA also raised concerns over a consent order entered in the Employment and Labour Relations Court in ELRC petition number 194 of 2019.

    "For the record, there was never any consent entered into between parties in the said matter on October 30, 2019 for Mr Ngwele to come back to the assembly as the clerk. 

    "I know this for a fact because I was in court on the said date and even more importantly, I have had the benefit to peruse the file and confirmed that there was no such consent agreed between parties," read part of Imwatok's letter.

    Ngwele on his part rubbished Imwatok's letter as propaganda, maintaining that he is still the clerk with the case set to be heard on Friday, October 16. 

    "The letter is just propaganda by Mr Imwatok who thinks I am colluding with the new Speaker to try and settle the case before the judgement comes up in court," said Ngwele in an interview with Nation.

    Former Nairobi County Speaker Beatrice Elachi further complicated the clerk case after she differed on the matter, resulting in one court battle after another.

    Edward Gichana was appointed as the substantive clerk in June following the suspension of Ngwele and the appointment of two acting clerks.

    Beatrice Elachi during a session in the Nairobi County Assembly in 2018.
    Former County Speaker Beatrice Elachi during a session in the Nairobi County Assembly in 2018.
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