Tik-Tok Star Azziad Nasenya Appointed Global Education Ambassador

Media personality Azziad Nasenya

Tik-Tok star Azziad Nasenya was appointed the global ambassador for Save Our Future, an organisation which focuses on rebuilding education across the world owing to the Covid-19 pandemic

Nasenya made the announcement on Thursday, September 24. 

Save Our Future also partners with the United Nations Children's Fund and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in education matters.

"I am happy to announce that I have joined the campaign as an Official Global Ambassador. 

File image of actress and Tiktoker Azziad Nasenya

"I continue to benefit from education in its many forms, and I strongly believe that education provides dignity," the media student stated. 

The organisation confirmed the appointment through its social media pages. 

Save Our Future lamented that the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly disrupted education systems in history, affecting 1.6 billion learners in all countries and all continents. 

Forecasts show that this generation of students stand to lose trillions in earnings over time after schools were closed. As a result, they may never achieve their full education, job, and earnings potential. 

"As we start to rebuild the world, it is critical that education is at the heart of international solidarity efforts. Recovery packages without education don’t hold ground," the firm’s website states.

Nasenya will work alongside Mexican artiste Camilo to promote education matters. 

She sprung into fame after Tik-Tok videos of her dancing to popular secular songs went viral in April 2020. 

Azziad Nasenya (left) and a friend in an Instagram post in May 2020
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