Citizen TV's Maria Breaks Down After Lulu Hassan Surprises Her on Birthday [VIDEO]

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    From left: Actress Yasmin Said (Maria) and Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan
  • Actress Yasmin Said (Maria) turned 20 years in October 2020. Her director and Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan caught her off guard after organising a surprise birthday party for her. 

    Yasmin, the lead actress in the drama series Maria, was celebrated by her crew and colleagues while they were on set. 

    "What does one say to someone with such resilience, such power, the discipline you display makes me wonder, what if we had more and more of you around us?

    "You are destined for great heights. And I will be here to hold you, to walk with you. I am here if you ever need me. On this day as you turn a day older, do not forget what you are. A flower. May your blossom always be as bright," Lulu Hassan stated on Monday, October 5. 

    Brian Kibochi (Back) with the cast of Maria
    Brian Kibochi (Back) with the cast of Maria that airs on Citizen TV

    In the video shared by Lulu Hassan, Dennis Musyoka (Mr William) introduced Yasmin and lauded her with praise for being an outstanding actor despite her relatively young age.

    "Today, we celebrate the birthday of my beautiful 'daughter'. She is happy and we are proud of her," Musyoka stated.

    Yasmin broke down and shed tears when asked to address her colleagues. She stated that she was amazed by the surprise which was her first in her life. 

    "I want to thank you all. I have never been surprised like today in my entire life. This is so amazing," she stated while trying to control her emotions. 

    Musyoka hugged her and comforted her as the crew and co-actors enjoyed the hearty moment.  She, later on, wiped tears from her eyes as she led others into cutting the cake. 

    Brian Ogana, twin sisters Belinda Joanna (Kobi) and Linda Alexette (Tobi) and Tina Wamwati (Lona) wished her well. 

    Yasmin Said (right) stars as an actress in King Kaka's song NakuLove

    Yasmin came into the spotlight in 2019 after she was selected to be the lead actor in Maria Series. In her first and exclusive interview with, she stated that she was surprised by how fast her star had risen. 

    "I was in school at that time, at Ribe High School, Kilifi County, when I saw the auditions and I tried my luck. When I was ushered in to showcase my skills, I was given a tomboy role. Ironically, on that day, I had worn a long dress which is a norm for every Muslim lady. 

    "I did not decline the role and I gave my best. By God's grace, I was picked as I matched the qualities Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan had envisioned for the role," the 20-year-old stated. 

    She has grown up to be one of the most followed celebrities, has graced video songs as an actress and also landed lucrative deals with corporates. 

    Watch Maria break down on set