Radio Jambo Host: How Controversial Church Ruined My Marriage [VIDEO]

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    Miele FM presenter Alex Mwakideu (left) and Radio Jambo host Joyce Gituro (centre) at Mediamax Studios in 2019
  • Radio Jambo host Joyce Gituro opened up on how a controversial church ruined her marriage and saw her part ways with her ex-husband. 

    Gituro, a former Milele FM presenter spoke in a candid interview with Radio Citizen's Jerida Andayi on Thursday, October 22. 

    She detailed that the woes commenced after her husband directed the family to join the church which had a questionable doctrine and practices. 

    The church indulged in incidences which made her wonder why they deserted their previous church which she praised for being devoted to the bible's teachings. 

    Radio Jambo presenter Joyce Gituro at Radio Africa Group studios on August 23, 2020

    "I remember one day the pastor said we close the windows and doors so that we chase out the devil. I told my husband I am not very comfortable and went out with my kids. When I walked out the pastor did not like it and that is where the problems with my husband began. When I talked to him, he reprimanded me for it," she stated.

    The ex-husband even went to the lengths of buying expensive gifts for the pastor as the children faced school fees debts. 

    Gituro stated that he fell into outrageous debts and never explained why he secured loans. She suspected that he took all his money to the church. She also accused the pastor of sending threatening prophecies to the husband and filling him with fear. 

    "I was shocked when one day, he told me that the pastor had stated that our children were not his. Yet they look like him and he knows it," she lamented. 

    In early 2008, she narrowly escaped death after the disbanded and dreaded flying squad police unit trailed her over car theft. The car, she says, had been purchased by her husband after she secured a loan to facilitate the trade. 

    The former Radio Citizen presenter stated that police followed her up to Royal Media Services and told her to be grateful that they had not shot her dead as the car had been reported stolen. 

    Host Joyce Gituro at Radio Jambo offices in July 2020

    Later on at Kilimani Police Station, she learnt that the ex-husband who was a businessman and a pastor too had hired a stolen car. He was also accused of multiple crimes recorded at the station. 

    "That same year, I had travelled with my children to my sister’s place and a neighbour called, wondering why I was moving out. My husband and two lorries took out all the property and I never heard from him for over a year. I don't know whether they were auctioneers or he did it by himself. 

    "I started afresh and I tell you my sister (Jerida), what kept me moving and protected us was my prayers. How I knelt down to pray every day. I used to pray for people on the radio and kept on smiling yet I had my own woes. He was never violent with me but I suffered emotionally," she recalled. 

    She took a loan to finance the car purchase and struggled to pay other debts her husband left her with. She also walked to work every day and transferred her children from their schools. Gituro added that she forgave him. 

    Watch Joyce Gituro speak on her marriage

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