Auntie Boss Star Nyce Wanjeri Confesses Begging For Ksh200 to Buy Food

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    Former Auntie Boss actor Nyce Wanjeri alias Shiru.
  • Former Auntie Boss actor, Nyce Wanjeri alias Shiro opened up on how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted her as she was forced to beg Ksh200 to buy food.

    Wanjeri admitted being one of the millions in the country that were affected by the pandemic that hit the country back in March and put a halt to various sectors of the economy.

    The actor narrated that she was initially worried about suffering stigma because of borrowing money which can be perceived as an embarrassment - especially from a celebrated artist.

    Auntie Boss cast pose for a photo in 2019

    "The Covid-19 pandemic has really affected me as an artist, there are days that we almost went hungry, other days I called friends to loan me Ksh200.

    "Those are things we don't disclose because there was a time people suffered numerous job losses, you cannot just call any boss and you are also worried about the stigma," she explained. 

    Wanjeri added that she overcame her fears of being stigmatised because her daughter needed to eat and would not understand the current financial situation.

    She also disclosed that she was selective when asking for financial assistance as most of the artists had been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The award-winning actress left Auntie Boss back in September 2018 after 15 seasons and almost 200 episodes on NTV. 

    Wanjeri, however, added that the pandemic has come with positive lessons that she has picked up including on her true friends.

    "What I thank God for this whole pandemic is that I have learned a lot, l have learned who are my good friends, some come and go.

    "Someone said that before you dismiss 2020, it is a year of knowing yourself," she said.

    Auntie Boss finally came to an end on Tuesday, September 15 as confirmed by the producers, Moonbeam Kenya, after entertaining fans for eight years.

    Cast members of NTV's Auntie Boss show.
    Cast members of NTV's Auntie Boss show.