Churchill Comedian Racially Abused in US [VIDEO]

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    David the Student performing at a past Churchill Show event
  • Churchill show comedian David Kangogo popularly known as David the Student was racially abused in the US, in an incident that was reported by the US media. 

    The artist relocated to the US a few years ago where he has been working as a cab driver. In a video that was posted online on Friday, November 20, David faced off with a wild passenger who racially attacked him. 

    David disclosed that he picked a couple outside a sports grill and asked them to put on their face masks to curb the spread of Covid-19

    However, the man took off his mask upon boarding the taxi. David's again urged the passenger to have his face mask on which caused the passenger to become rowdy.

    David the Student performing at a past Churchill Show event

    The former comedian pulled up the car to handle the issue but the passenger insisted on alighting and even threatened to pee inside the car. 

    "For me, all I thought about was recording the incident. I was scared that we would punch me or get aggressive," David said later in an interview with KOMO News

    The video went viral and the passenger was banned from using the cab by the agency, Lyft.

    KOMO News also reported that the passenger has been fired from his place of employment.   

    Local area police stated that they were aware of the incident but could not take action unless the comedian files a suit.

    However, David said that he was not interested in initiating a legal process and that all he wanted was to move on. 

    "Thank you guys for the support. The cab agency has been supportive like the Mayor of the City too. We all can do and be better!" he tweeted. 

    In June 2020, Kenyans and the whole world joined hands in condemning an incident where an African American, George Floyd, died in the hands of police officers during an arrest. 

    Floyd was pinned to the ground on his neck by the law enforcers who were accused of strangling him. 

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