Shamba Boy Impregnates 3 Sisters With Twins

  • A family in Tana River is in misery after their shamba boy impregnated all three of their teenage daughters at the same time.

    Police stated that the teenage girls each delivered a set of twins at a Garissa hospital on Saturday, November 21, through a C-section.

    The sisters who are minors were expected to sit for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination in March next year.

    According to the girls, the gardener often lured them into the farm where he would defile them.

    File image of a pregnant teenager
    File image of a pregnant teenager

    "I did not know he was having affair with my sisters as well because we didn’t share that part of our lives with each other, as we didn’t trust each other with secrets,” one of the new mothers stated.

    They revealed that the gardener used to lure them into the family farm where he would defile them. One of the sisters added that she would sneak to his room at night.

    They disclosed that the man used to give them money and clothes.

    On her part, the mother did not notice anything amiss with her daughters only that they flaunted new items which she had not facilitated.

    “I noticed some funny set of underwear which caught my attention. But my last-born daughter kept saying she had bought them with her pocket money,” the mother explained.

    It was only when she stumbled upon a message on one of her daughter's phone informing the gardener of the pregnancy. 

    She discovered that the two were planning an abortion and that's when she ambushed all her daughters with a pregnancy test the following morning, prompting two of them to confess.

    According to the girls, the gardener fled after they told him that they were all pregnant.

    Police have launched a manhunt for the man who left without a trace.

    The first-born daughter was expecting triplets, but according to doctors, she could only deliver two children safely and without complications.

    “They all had slim chances of survival, and that is why we looked for a specialist. But for the girl with the triplets to come out alive, we had to agree with the mother to choose between her daughter and the third infant,” a doctor stated.

    All three girls were discharged from the hospital following the operations.

    Young Kenyan girls advocate for the end of teenage pregnancy in 2018
    Young Kenyan girls advocate for the end of teenage pregnancy in 2018