NMS Green Park Terminus Hospital Roars to Life [PHOTOS]

  • An image of a bus terminus
    The Green Park terminus under construction at the Railways club along Haile Selassie Avenue.
  • The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has opened a clinic stationed at the new Green Park terminus along Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi.

    NMS is in the process of equipping the dispensary with additional medical equipment as they continue to put finishing touches on the terminus.

    "Equipping and stocking the New Green Park Terminus Dispensary. The termini will have the capacity to accommodate 140 moving buses at a go.

    An image of Terminus
    Hospital beds outside the Nairobi Green Park terminus dispensary.

    "It will also have a police post, restaurants, supermarket, modern ablution block, restrooms for motorists, commuters," read a statement from NMS.

    In one of the photos uploaded by NMS, a member of the public is seen undergoing temperature checks in the new dispensary.

    Hospital equipment such as beds, heart rate monitors and sanitizers have been installed to curb the spread of Covid-19 pandemic in the terminus.

    An image of equipment
    Medical equipment outside the Nairobi Green Park terminus dispensary.

    Nurses and health workers have also checked into the hospital despite the ongoing nationwide strike that was halted by Labour Court which ordered them to resume work on Wednesday, December 16.

    The dispensary has been put up to provide medical assistance in case of emergencies at the terminus.

    In a past interview, NMS director-general Mohammed Badi revealed that the clinic will be open to the public when the terminus is launched

    "The dispensary is done and we are currently looking for funds to equip it. Once the terminus is launched, the dispensary will be running," stated Badi.

    The terminus is set to serve PSVs plying Ngong Road and Lang'ata Road (Kawangware, Kikuyu, Kibera, Lang'ata, Rongai, Kiserian).

    An image of Dispensary
    A woman having her temperature checked at the Nairobi Green Park terminus dispensary.