Kileleshwa Families Evicted From Residential Homes

  • A bulldozer at work during a past demolition exercise in Nairobi.
    A bulldozer at work during a past demolition exercise in Nairobi.
  • Over 20 families in Kileleshwa, Nairobi spent the night in the cold and some went into hiding after they got wind of a planned night eviction on Monday, January 4. 

    Some members of the affected families camped outside waiting to face off with the evictors, claiming the process was illegal.  

    Speaking to, Kenya Pipeline volleyball coach Paul Gitau said that the evictors raided their premises on Tuesday morning, January 5, armed with crowbars and forced them out of their homes. 

    "They have thrown us out of our homes. The police have accompanied them and we do not know what to do. We are helpless. I have been locked out of my house," the coach lamented. 

    Kileleshwa Police Station, Nairobi

    He added that they had been asked to leave the premises by 5 am on Tuesday, January 5. 

    The contested piece of land houses the Posta Flats opposite Queens Park, Kileleshwa and adjacent to Kileleshwa Police Station. 

    According to the residents, most of them are pensioners of the telecommunications company in Kenya and have fought off numerous eviction notices since 2007. 

    "We are old and retired workers who have been staying here for over 20 years. I have lost some household property through auctions and illegal evictions. We were not issued with any eviction notice by these individuals purporting to be owners of these land. 

    “We got wind of their planned actions through an insider at the police station. They claimed that they were granted a court order. How were they provided with the papers yet we have an active court case?" he wondered. 

    Their lawyer, Elias Mutuma added that the evictions were illegal and against the provisions of the constitution. 

    "I doubt that the goons were provided with a court order because the law dictates that a court needs to serve the other party before issuing a court order. 

    "This gives us a chance to defend ourselves. Our case was scheduled for December 22, 2020, and it never proceeded. It was postponed. They have proceeded with the eviction and we shall respond duly," he said. 

    Police officers manning a house.
    Police officers manning a house.
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