Maria Actor Luwi Reveals Next Plan After Citizen TV Show

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    Citizen TV actors Brian Ogana (Luwi) and Yasmin Said (Maria) pose for a photo during live set in August 2020
  • Brian Ogana who stars as Luwi in the Citizen TV show, Maria, has revealed what he plans to do when his stint at the local drama ends. 

    In an Instagram interactive session with his fans on Saturday, January 9, 2021, Ogana said that he was considering investigative journalism when the show comes to an end.

    In Kenya’s acting industry, it is hard to lead a fulfilling life without the other income streams.

    "Time will tell, but I am embarking on investigative journalism," he stated. 

    Maria Actor Brian Ogana who plays Luwi Hausa on the hit show.
    Maria Actor Brian Ogana who plays Luwi Hausa on the hit show.

    Ogana has a passion for the media industry and is a trained communication specialist.  

    Being an actor in one of the most popular programs on Citizen TV gives him an opportunity to try his investigative journalism skills at the station. 

    He enjoys a close relationship with news anchors Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla who are the brains behind Maria

    Before his role in Maria, he previously worked as a news anchor, reporter and host at G.B.S. (Good News Broadcasting System).

    One of the highlights of his career in the media industry was in 2016 when he was nominated and won the title as the best-dressed media personality.

    It goes without saying that his role on the show is only usurped by his impeccable sense of style. 

    He joined the University of Nairobi to pursue a course in computer engineering. 

    However, he was not passionate about a career as an ICT expert and decided to enroll in a journalism course.

    “I used to love computers when I was young and my dad wanted me to do civil engineering as a career. By the time I was joining campus I had a change of heart and ended up changing to computer engineering. But that wasn’t what made me feel alive,” he stated during a past interview with Citizen TV. 

    “A friend reminded me of my high school passion that was journalism and drama, and so I changed and did journalism, worked for a local station for almost 7 years, called it quits and went for an international media station,” he added.

    Maria lead actors Luwi and Sofia
    Maria lead actors Luwi and Sofia
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