KUPPET Rejects Teachers From Wounded KNUT

  • KUPPET National chairman Omboko Milemba.
    KUPPET National chairman Omboko Milemba.
  • Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) has disputed claims that it had raided the Kenya National union of Teachers (KNUT) for members.

    Speculations have been rampant that over 200,000 teachers jumped ship and joined KUPPET.

    KUPPET National chairman Omboko Milemba affirmed that KUPPET's membership has only 100,000 teachers.

    A Kenyan teacher with pupils in class

    He stated that the law prohibits it from courting primary school teachers as KUPPET's core mandate is to address concerns of post primary school teachers.

    Speaking to a local media house, Milemba asked relevant authorities to investigate the teachers who are said to have KNUT's membership. 

    "We want the government to locate the missing teachers from KNUT. We cannot and won't accept them because if we do, we will be changing KUPPET to KNUT," he stated.

    KNUT has been experiencing wrangles in the recent past owing to the mass exit of members and reduced pay cuts. 

    According to KNUT boss Wilson Sossion, KNUT received Ksh144 million payout in 2019, a figure that significantly reduced to just Ksh20 million in 2020.

    Furthermore, the membership reduced from over 136,000 to a mere 10,350 members.

    Recently, KNUT boss WIlson Sossion had warned teachers against joining the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) alluding that the commission would cripple them.

    "Without a union, you will suffer. The only thing TSC has succeeded in doing is to remove the KNUT check off, but not the heart of teachers.

    "The voice of the teacher is so important and it is made through KNUT. This must be respected and TSC must hear this," he stated.

    Knut Secretary-General Wilson Sossion addressing a press conference.
    Knut Secretary-General Wilson Sossion addressing a press conference.