Kameme TV Presenters' Moving Tribute to Colleague Who Committed Suicide

  • Kameme TV news director Joshua Ng'ang'a
    Kameme TV news director Joshua Ng'ang'a
  • It was grief and sorrow during the funeral service of the late Joshua Ng'ang'a, a news director who worked with Kameme TV.

    Ng'ang'a is said to have committed suicide on January 14, 2021. His body was found hanging from a tree in Kiambu.

    Kameme TV presenters and other teammates relayed their moving tributes during the send-off, mourning Ng'ang'a as a hardworking man who was passionate about his work.

    The late Kameme TV news director Joshua Ng'ang'a
    The late Kameme TV news director Joshua Ng'ang'a

    Wangechi Kariuki, a morning show presenter at the station, narrated some of the deceased last moments while at work.

    "When we were closing for the December holidays on the 18th of December, we had organised a staff meeting as colleagues. However, Josh called and said that he would not make it because his grandfather was ill.

    "When we resumed work in January, he would contact one of the directors and ask him to cover his shift. The director would oblige but noticed that Josh did not look his usual self," she stated.

    A teary Wangechi asked mourners to pray for the deceased to get peace before taking her seat.

    Gathoni Ng'ang'a, another presenter at the station also paid tribute to Ng'ang'a as a young hardworking man.

    The deceased's boss, Wainaina Mburu, was inconsolable as he narrated that Josh was a hardworking man who never rubbed shoulders with colleagues.

    "We have worked with Josh since 2017."

    "I realised that he had not showed up at work on January 3, 2021. I tried making calls but his phone was off. After two days, we contacted his family who also noted that they had not seen him. It is at this point that we started circulating posters of a missing person..." he said but was unable to finish his tribute.