Grandma Goes viral With Hilarious Imitation of Animals [VIDEO]

  • Eunice, a resident in Murang'a, imitates animal sounds during an interview with Inooro TV
    Eunice, a resident in Murang'a, imitates animal sounds during an interview with Inooro TV
    Inooro TV
  • A granny from Murang'a County has gone viral after an interview with a vernacular television station where she was recorded making animal sounds.

    Eunice, a resident of Gaturi, was narrating their plight in the hands of a strange animal that had been snatching their livestock at night. To drive her point home, she decided to bring life to the story.

    "From around 8pm at night and 3am, the animal makes this kind of noises, wuuuuu and then laughs hahahahaha. Those are the noises the animals make especially when they are hungry, but when they are satisfied, they keep quiet," Eunice narrated in one of the sound bites.

    The sound bites, bordering comical illustration, have since attracted the attention of a number of Kenyans.

    "This lady was born an actor, actually she made our day, it's was hilarious," David Kiarie Waniga stated.

    "Comedians in Kenya will never end. New talent discovered, it's not late to join the stand up comics," Mwangi Muniu advised.

    Residents in the area have since requested the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) to come to their aid.

    "I have been planting crops but not getting any returns because there are animals that come at night and destroy the crops. This is a big problem that we are facing because we have not been harvesting any crops," a resident stated.

    In addition, the locals stated that they have been living in fear of being attacked.

    "Taking our children to school is proving to be very difficult, we are pleading with the government to help us," another resident reiterated.

    The story came a week after another granny, Jane Nyambura, went viral after she threatened to beat a Chinese girl.

    Ms Wong, a contractor with Avic International, was reported to have pointed at Nyambura and attempted to drag her away after the elderly woman closed the gates at the Chinese contractor's site office as an act of protest. 

    It is this action that angered Nyambura who was caught on camera asking her neighbours and local leaders to warn Wong and even threatening to beat her up.

    Nyambura protested that the government had not been fully compensated for the construction of Kariminu Dam which is being undertaken by the Chinese contractor.

    75-year-old Jane Nyambura speaking to journalists
    75-year-old Jane Nyambura speaking to journalists