Njugush's Skit on Politicians Wows Kenyans [VIDEO]

  • Comedian Timothy Kimani (Njugush) in an Instagram post on March 29, 2020
    Comedian Timothy Kimani (Njugush) in an Instagram post on March 29, 2020
  • Comedian Timothy Kimani known to many as Njugush on Thursday, February 4, impressed Kenyans with a thought-provoking skit depicting the current political situation in the country.

    In the 2 minutes 20 seconds skit featuring his wife, Celestine Ndinda, Njugush acted as the politician while Ndinda was the mwananchi begging for service delivery.

    "Mheshimiwa, the doctors are requesting to be paid," Ndinda stated. The comedian responded by saying that the doctors had done the wrong academic course.

    Celestine Ndinda also known as Wakavinye (left) with husband Timothy Kimani (Njugush) right and their son Blessed Tugi (centre)

    The situation depicted medics who had recently been on strike saying that they had not been paid for a couple of months and the unavailability of Covid-19 protective gear. 

    In the skit, the comedian also dished out toy vehicles to Members of Parliament and the Members of Council Assembly after he heard that they were suffering.

    He was depicting a situation where President Uhuru Kenyatta had pledged a Ksh2 million car grant to MCAs who in turn promised to support the Building Bridges Initiative.

    The comedian would also give business cards to the youth who were asking for job opportunities. He, however, noted that the contact indicated on the cards was one that he did not use.

    "Let them have these business cards, I do not pick calls from the contact indicated there," he would say.

    Njugush was portraying the current unemployment state in the country bearing in mind that more than one million Kenyans lost their jobs from March 2020 due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The skit, which currently has 660 retweets and 2,000, has wowed Kenyans with most agreeing that it is the current situation in the country.

    "I am in love with the turn you have made, we still get to laugh even when you get to pass across a deep message to the government and to the public at large," a netizen stated.

    "Funny but sad state of affair," another weighed in.

    Watch video below;