Ex-KTN Presenter Cynthia Nyamai Returns After Eviction From Ugandan House

  • A file image of the KTN studios
    A file image of the KTN studios
  • Former KTN presenter Cynthia Nyamai on Thursday, February 4, narrated how she was thrown out of her house while residing in Uganda due to rent arrears.

    Speaking on Jalas TV, Nyamai, who was working for the police department in Uganda, stated that she had gone for two years without a salary and had exhausted her savings.

    Nyamai said she lost her income after making her stand known about corruption by declining overtures to bribe senior officials. 

    Former KTN news anchor Cynthia Nyamai
    Former KTN news anchor Cynthia Nyamai

    "When I started working there, some gentlemen came and told me that if I accepted to give them some certain amount of money, my invoices would be going through and then they would give me the cash but I refused. I said that it was illegal and that I would not participate in it," Nyamai stated.

    "I was not paid for two years and it was so painful because I could help other people get jobs but I was suffering because I wasn't being paid. When my former boss was fired, they decided that my house would also not be paid for," she stated.

    Nyamai got an eviction notice by her landlady after seven months of rent arrears.  

    "So, I was thrown out of my house. I struggled so much because I also had other bills and responsibilities that needed to be paid," she added.

    "I didn't have cash and food in the fridge. I also got sick and had to choose whether to buy medicine or buy food. So, I bought medicine and took it on an empty stomach," she narrated to Jalango.

    Having no friends and family in Uganda, Nyamai called a hotel manager who allowed her to spend the night at the hotel.

    "Someone in government heard about my problems and offered to pay the rent arrears... I was also lucky that someone else offered to give me a house and office."

    She restarted her life by getting into various businesses that kept her going in 2020.

    "From having roads cleared for me to having nothing. You know some of those things you cannot call back home asking for help. You are stuck there," she narrated.

    Nyamai is currently back in the country and will be hosting a new show on Youtube.