Citizen TV's Maria Opens Up on Managing Hefty Salary

  • Citizen TV actor Yasmin Said popularly known as Maria
    Citizen TV actor Yasmin Said popularly known as Maria
  • Citizen TV star Yasmin Said, popularly known as Maria has opened up about how she has been able to keep a healthy relationship with money. 

    Being the lead actress on the number one show in the country comes with a loaded cheque - and fame big enough to opens doors for lucrative advertisement deals - which means more money.

    Insiders at Citizen TV intimated to in an earlier interview on just how much the actors are paid, with the figures said to range between Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 20,000 per episode, depending on their specific roles.

    Actress Yassmin Said who plays the lead role in Maria
    Actress Yassmin Said who plays the lead role in Maria

    Speaking to Nation during a recent interview, Maria stated that her mother is her manager, adding that she also controls her bank account. 

    “I started earning at the age of 18 and, at the time, I felt like I couldn't handle such huge figures by myself. I needed some guidance from someone I trust,” she explained. 

    Apart from the Citizen TV show, Yasmin is also a brand ambassador for a leading noodles manufacturer which adds to her income stream. 

    Other than Maria, a number of Kenya’s young celebrities are reportedly managed by their mothers; the list include fomer Machachari star Govi (Malik Lemuel) and young rapper Trio Mio. 

    A manager helps the celebrity, often referred to as the talent, to cultivate a career. They counsel, advise and provide direction and guidance.

    Without one, the talent is likely to run down their career in terms of financial misuse as well as reduced growth in the industry or missing out on opportunities. 

    For young actors, managers can help them land endorsement deals as well as influencer marketing gigs. They also help keep the talent well-rooted and focused in order to protect their brand. 

    According to Kama Richie, Betty Kyallo’s brand manager, "When it comes to your reputation as an influencer, in this line of business it is everything.

    "They are supposed to behave and act in a certain way because they are not Twitter keyboard warriors, they have to watch what they say," he explained.

    Roy Karuhize, Flaqo’s manager, advises that celebrities should not get swallowed into the hype but focus on building their careers in a way they can monetise. 

    “It doesn’t happen overnight. A person can be famous for something they have done. You become a celebrity for something you are doing and then an icon based on what you have achieved,” he spoke to

    Betty Kyallo's brand manager Kamarichi Mbarani
    Betty Kyallo's brand manager Kamarichi Mbarani