KDF Recruit Threatens to Beat Up Military Officers

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    The KDF recruit who threatened officials at Alaskan Grounds in Malindi County on Thursday, February 11, 2021
  • A Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) potential recruit turned violent and threatened to assault military personnel and other applicants in Malindi County. 

    The youth, on Thursday, February 11, had completed a physical exercise - a prerequisite in the recruitment process - but seemed to have developed complications that required urgent medical attention. KDF officers took him to an ambulance where he was to be attended to by doctors. 

    He, however, broke off and ran towards the pitch and disrupted the training exercise at Alaskan grounds. The young man warned other recruits that he would beat them if they didn't leave the grounds. 

    Upon noticing that no one was adhering to his orders, he issued an ultimatum, saying that he had given them up to 3 pm to leave or face severe consequences. 

    A KDF soldier conducting a recruitment exercise
    A KDF soldier conducting a recruitment exercise

    "Tokeni hapa ama mtanijua. Ikifika saa tisa mkue mshaenda. (Get out of this grounds before I unleash my wrath on you. By 3 pm, all of you should have left," he ranted. 

    Medics calmed him down and put him on an intravenous drip (IV) medication and took him back to the ambulance where he was stabilised. 

    KDF personnel at the field said that they had witnessed a huge turnout as compared to the past years. Those who availed themselves for the exercise were lauded for respecting the guidelines and providing authentic documents. 

    On Wednesday, February 10, two people were arrested with over Ksh 500,000 while attempting to bribe KDF recruitment officers. The duo was accosted at Menyenye SDA grounds in Nyamira County.

    One suspect had Ksh 206,000 while the other had concealed Ksh 302,000. Investigations revealed that the two were parents of children who had been rejected earlier on as they didn't meet the qualifications.  

    In Embu County, most of the youth were disqualified owing to bad teeth. KDF bosses decried that many of the young men and women had cavities and poor dental health suspected to be caused by chewing miraa. 

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