Uproar After 3 Giraffes Die From Electrocution

Dead Giraffes at Soysambu Conservancy
A dead Giraffes at Soysambu Conservancy in Nakuru County.

Kenyan environmentalists are up in arms following the death of three giraffes over the weekend after being electrocuted.

A representative of Soysambu Conservancy in Nakuru County confirmed to Kenyans.co.ke that three giraffes died after coming into contact will live wires.

She further noted that two of the animal species died on Friday, February 19, while the other died on Saturday, February 20.

"The powerlines are hanging a bit low, Giraffes come into contact with the live wire when grazing or roaming around," she stated.

A dead Giraffe at Soysambu Conservancy in Nakuru County
A dead Giraffe at Soysambu Conservancy in Nakuru County.

She further noted that the conservancy had taken steps to prevent more deaths and had also contacted Kenya Power to remedy the situation.

"For now, we have vigilante patrols that chase away the elephants when they go near the live wires as we wait for KPLC to come.

"KPLC has said it will put a chain link. We have communicated with them and they may come today or tomorrow," she added.

Environmentalist have confirmed that a total of 11 giraffes have passed away as a result of electrocution due to low-hanging exposed power lines.

"It was never their wish to be tall, please do not kill our already endangered giraffes. This took place at Soysambu Conservancy in Nakuru County yesterday," lamented a Twitter user.

"The costly effect of low power lines on wildlife in Soysambu farm. This is so heart-breaking!" Stated Augustine Sang.

"Kenya Power be a responsible corporate company. Compensate Soysambu and rectify the lines issue. The conservancy had done a lot to grow the number of this endangered species. This is a step back. Very unfortunate," added Sakwa Masai.

The dead giraffes consist of the highly endangered Rothschild species.

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