Wakapee: Fallen MP Got Nickname Working for Kenyatta Family

  • Juja MP Francis Munyua
    Juja MP Francis Munyua speaks to journalists during a past press briefing
  • Juja MP Francis Waititu Wakapee passed away last night on Monday, February 22 after a long battle against brain cancer. 

    Waititu was popularly known to Kiambu residents as Wakapee, perhaps to differentiate him from the other famous Kiambu politician, former Governor Ferdinand Waititu. 

    Many, however, did not understand the origin of the nickname whose phonetic pronunciation resembles the Kikuyu word for a small boy.

    The name, however, was a corruption of the word, Wakapay loosely translated to mean one who pays. 

    He had earlier on revealed that he got his nickname while working at a coffee farm owned by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family. 

    The Late MP for Juja Constituency, Francis Waititu addressing a congregation during a past event
    The Late MP for Juja Constituency, Francis Waititu addressing a congregation during a past event

    In an interview the late MP did five years ago, he revealed that he got good pay while working for the Kenyatta Family. Therefore, when he went out with his friends he always offered to pay the bills.

    The late MP started working in coffee farms 1979 after he graduated from Jacaranda College, Ruiru where he learnt about coffee farming. He added that his first salary was Ksh800 bob.

    "That was a lot of money at the time and so when I left work, I would get my friends for a drink and I would always offer to pay, I would tell the waiter, I will pay, and so I became Wakapay," he recalled. 

    He was elected as Juja MP in 2013 and got re-elected again in 2017 despite his illness. Until his time of death, the legislator represented the people of Juja at the National Assembly.

    He was a Gor Mahia fan and often attended football matches in his constituency where he urged the youth to take the sport seriously and to abstain from drugs.

    During his lifetime, the MP was involved in many projects that aimed at helping the less fortunate, warning the youth about the effects of drugs and creating cancer awareness.

    After being diagnosed with cancer in 2018, the MP urged Kenyans and Members of Parliament to go for cancer screening since many had the disease and they did not know.

    He revealed that he decided to go for cancer screening after his mother and sister tested positive for the disease. He battled the disease until yesterday Monday 23, when he passed away.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta has eulogised Wakapee as a trusted, devoted and progressive leader. The President applauded the late legislator for his contribution and commitment to fight cancer.

    “We have sadly lost a very progressive, trusted and committed leader whose public actions always reflected the interests of his constituents.

    “It is because of the trust and love the people of Juja had for Hon Waititu that they entrusted him with a second term in a very competitive election despite his illness, “the president said.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta speaks at the National Cargo Deconsolidation Centre, Nairobi on Wednesday, February 10, 2021