Fire Destroys Classrooms in a Dagoretti School [VIDEO]

  • Riruta Primary School
    Burning Down Classrooms at Riruta Primary School in Dagoretti on Sunday February 28, 2021
    Citizen Digital
  • Learning at Riruta Primary School in Dagoretti has been halted after a fire broke out on the evening of Sunday February 28.

    The school headteacher, Agnes Muchiri, said that the fire was caused by faulty electrical systems, adding that seven classrooms, about 300 desks as well as pupil's books were destroyed.

    The headteacher further insisted that the 2000 pupils are safe but the administration has been forced to squeeze them in the remaining classrooms as they find an alternative solution.

    Riruta Primary School, Nairobi on Fire Sunday February 28,2021.
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    “Since morning we have been counselling students assuring them everything will be fine,” said Muchiri.

    The resident who came to help put out the fire said that firefighters took too long to get to the scene.

    Riruta residents also added that when the fire fighters eventually arrived, they couldn’t manage to extinguish the fire due to dilapidated state of the equipment.

    Muchiri called on the county government to intervene and assist the school in re- building the destroyed classrooms and getting new desks.

    David Mukunjura, Riruta community chairperson, urged the county government to ensure that fire engine services are adequate so that Kenyans in distress get assistance in good time.

    Warning signs of faulty electrical systems include flickering or dimming lights, switches or outlets that are hot to touch and/or emit an acrid odor. Others are discolored cords, outlets and switch plates, repeatedly blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers.