Is Jasusi Show Replacing Citizen TV's Maria? Producers Explain

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    From left: Nyakundi Isaboke in an upcoming show dubbed Jasusi and Yasmin Said (Maria)
  • Jasusi, an upcoming crime series has drawn attention online, with a number of content creators and bloggers speculating that it would replace the popular drama series Maria which is aired on Citizen TV. 

    The crime show is still under production with a pilot episode to be released soon and will feature Nyakundi Isaboke as the main actor. Isaboke stars as Silas in Citizen TV's film Maria and this was one of the major causes of speculation. 

    Jasusi (spy) is written by Dominion Silas and created by filmmaker Director Ogega Andere under the production house, Frinant Pictures. 

    Another reason behind the assumption was anchor Lulu Hassan's post on Instagram, on Monday, March 1, through which she announced auditions for a new show. 

    A screengrab of a vlog that raised speculation on Jasusi replacing Citizen TV's Maria

    Hassan's new series will be produced by Jiffy Pictures, a production house she co-owns with her husband and fellow Citizen TV anchor Rashid Abdalla. The two are the brains behind the drama series Maria, Maza, Aziza and Moyo

    Sources privy to Lulu Hassan's upcoming show clarified that the new auditions had nothing to do with Jasusi as rumoured. 

    Speaking to, Dominion Silas added that Jasusi was also not related to Citizen TV or Maria series. 

    "Frinant Pictures is managed by my friend and partner Anthony Ogega. Blue Rose is the entity I own. We are yet to get airtime but we will sell the content to media houses when ready," Dominion said. 

    Royal Media Services purchases local content at between Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 250,000 per episode, Ksh 150,000 more than KTN, NTV, K24 and KBC's rate. The four stations purchase content at around Ksh 100,000 per episode. 

    MNet purchases local content at between Ksh 400,000 and Ksh 500,000 per episode. 

    Dominion added that actors and actresses can be contracted to star in several films. Apart from Nyaboke (Silas in Maria)  Dennis Musyoka (Mr William in Maria) stars as a judge in the new Showmax Kenyan series dubbed Crime & Justice. 

    On Tuesday, February 9, Lulu Hassan further refuted reports alleging that Maria show was approaching its climax and that its curtains would soon close. 

    "Wadau hii nayo ni moto! (To our fans, the next episode of Maria is spectacular. Keep watching). The show is not ending anytime soon," she posted on her social media pages.  

    Jasusi cast pose for a cover photo
    Villain cast in the Jasusi crime series at a production site
    Jasusi cast and producer shoot the pilot episode of the crime series