Waiguru's Step-Daughter Who Teaches Kenyans Money Management

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    A photo collage of Lawyer Waiganjo Kamotho, Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru with their daughter Nailantei Kamotho
  • It is the joy of every parent to see their children succeed and create their own livelihood and legacy when they become adults. 

    Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru and her husband Kamotho Waiganjo have created their niche as a formidable couple of politician and constitutional lawyer respectively. 

    Their daughter, Nailantei Kamotho, is creating her name as one of Kenya's upcoming financial gurus - advising Kenyans on wealth management and responsible finance habits. 

    Nailantei, born from Kamotho's previous marriage, is a finance expert who does not shy to share her expertise with Kenyans about money management on YouTube where she hosts a company vlog. 

    She describes herself as a resilient, organized, meticulous and a self-driven individual.

    “I am highly motivated by people and the opportunity to contribute positively to society,” she says her Linkedin bio.

    Nailantei Kamotho, a finance erudite and also daughter to Lawyer Waiganjo Kamotho

    Currently, Nailantei is the head of Special projects at AIB- AXYS Africa limited, a city firm that deals with Financial services.

    The finance erudite went to the University of Cape Town in South Africa for higher learning.

    During the period between 2014 to 2016, she studied Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom), Economics and Finance.

    She went on to attain a post-graduate degree at the same university - focusing on Financial Analysis and Portfolio management where she graduated with a First Class Honours.

    In 2013, Kamotho did her A- levels in Economics, Psychology, Mathematics at the prestigious international school, Brookhouse.

    Away from her professional life, Nailantei is a volunteer at Students Health and Welfare Centers Organisation (SHAWCO) as a Mathematics Tutor.

    In addition, the younger Kamotho is into Charity works as she is a volunteer at New Life Home Trust; a charity organization that cares for children below five years.