KDF Soldier Killed in Night Attack on Military Camp

  • KDF officers during a previous pass-out parade
    KDF officers during a previous pass-out parade
  • A Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officer was on Thursday, April 15, killed by bandits after they raided a military camp in Mukutani at around 8 pm.

    Chief Benjamin Lecher confirmed the incident and stated that the camp was home to security officers including; the General Service Unit (GSU), Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU), and KDF officers.

    “There was an exchange of firearm that saw the KDF officer killed. His body is still lying at the camp. There is still tension in the area," he said.

    A file image of military boots
    A file image of military boots

    The incident came just days after Rift Valley Regional Commissioner (RC) George Natembeya announced the resumption of operations in northwestern counties of Baringo, Laikipia and Turkana.

    Natembeya stated multiple attacks in the troubled region forced the state to carry out an operation to weed out criminals and retrieve illegal firearms in the hands of the civilians.

    “Political leaders drawn from Baringo, West Pokot and Turkana requested that we allow them to conduct a one-month peace campaign and voluntary disarmament. Despite their efforts, at least four attacks have been reported in the past two days,” he said.

    “We cannot allow bandits to unleash terror on innocent civilians. We have decided to go for them now that they don’t want peace," he added.

    The Commissioner also moved to issue the 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew in Baringo North, Turkana East and Laikipia in a bid to reduce insecurity practices in the region.

    In March, President Uhuru Kenyatta issued an order to the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) directing them to relocate from Muramur, Samburu West to the bandit-ridden Baragoi town

    The head of state said that the changes were made to accommodate the growing needs of Maralal town where the military men are currently situated. 

    The elders at Baragoi were requested to provide a parcel of land that the government will use to construct a new KDF camp.

    "We have agreed with your leaders that soldiers will relocate to Baragoi to deal with criminals," Kenyatta said.

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