KDF Officer Gets 3-Year Jail Term for Recruitment Bribe

  • A previous KDF recruitment exercise
    A previous KDF recruitment exercise
    Sammy Omingo
  • A former Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) sergeant was on Friday, April 16 sentenced to three years in prison after he was found guilty of receiving recruitment bribes.

    The case was heard by a court-martial sitting at the Isiolo Barracks and was led by Isiolo Chief Magistrate, Samuel Mungai.

    The ex-KDF officer, Andrew Muoki Mutua, was found guilty of soliciting and receiving bribes by pretending that he could influence the recruitment process so that two of his victims would be recruited into the forces.

    A KDF soldier conducting a recruitment exercise
    A KDF soldier conducting a recruitment exercise

    On the first count, Mutua was found guilty of obtaining Ksh300,000 from Edwin Kinyua Muriithi and his father, Muriithi Kinyua.

    Reports from the court indicate that Kinyua had meetings with Mutua in Nairobi restaurants in 2019.

    The money was deposited into Mutua’s bank account but the two however became worried when the year’s recruitment process ended without them getting a letter.

    Kinyua who was devastated by the turn of events, lodged a complaint through the Ministry of Defence (MoD) website which led to the arrest of Mutua on December 3, 2020.

    Mutua on the second and third counts was found guilty of soliciting Ksh450,000 from Nelson Mandera Kabwere.

    Mutua had promised Kabwere that he would help his friend Mohammed Shukri secure a job in the forces. The court heard that Kabwere who had known the accused thought that Mutua was actually in a position to influence the recruitment process.

    The money was paid in two installments with the first installment being a total of Ksh250,000 which was meant for the processing of the calling letter. The second installment would be paid once Shukri had secured the opportunity to join the Recruits Training School(RTS) within Moi Barracks, Eldoret.

    Court documents indicate that Mutua received personal credentials from the two. The credentials included national Identity cards, academic certificates, HIV test results and other supporting documents.

    Muoki, in his defence, argued that that the money was deposited into his account as payment for a cereal business that he runs. His argument was however dismissed as unconvincing.

    He was sentenced to two years in prison for the first count, six months in prison for the second count and one year for the third count.

    Following the sentencing, the KDF has urged Kenyans to stop all the vices that are associated with the recruitment process and also to report any bribe cases so that justice is administered.

    “All parents, guardians and young men and women seeking to join KDF should neither give or offer bribes, nor should they entertain those asking for bribes. Those recruiting must shun all attempts to be bribed or entertain those offering bribes. KDF is a strategic state organ and serving in the military is a calling which is open and free to all eligible Kenyans,” a statement from the KDF read.

    A KDF recruitment exercise
    A KDF recruitment exercise
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