Meet Waihiga Mwaura's Father, Little Known Politician

  • Citizen TV News anchor Waihiga Mwaura during a bulletin on Tuesday, July 28, 2020.
    Citizen TV News anchor Waihiga Mwaura during a bulletin on July 29, 2020.
  • In one of Citizen TV's News Night episodes of May 2020, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba told the show's host Waihiga Mwaura that he was friends with his father, David Mwaura.

    During the live interview, the former Senate majority leader stated that while at the University of Nairobi, he would invite the anchors' parents to preach to the students.

    "I used to invite your father and mother, who are great people to come to preach to us in the Christian Union," he conveyed.

    As has recently learnt, however, Waihiga Mwaura's father is a respected politician who heads the Agano Party and has unsuccessfully attempted to vie for political office.

    Citizen TV anchor Waihiga Mwaura's father David Mwaura
    Citizen TV anchor Waihiga Mwaura's father David Mwaura.

    In 2011, David lost the Kamukunji by-election whose seat fell vacant after the high court nullified Simon Mbugua's election citing numerous malpractices in 2007.

    The election petition had been filed by ODM's Ibrahim Ahmed and was dragged for three years and attracted several complaints as a result.

    During the race, David contested under the Agano Party which he founded in 2006. The party is described as a political party for all Kenyans rooted and firmly established on just and righteous principles. Agano is a party for all Kenyans.

    In January 2021, shortly after the ouster of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, the party offered David a direct ticket on which he expressed his interest to occupy the seat.

    "We are in this race to represent all Nairobians and remove thieves, crooks, cartels and those who have sponsored and will sponsor others for the upcoming by-election from the future leadership of this nation.

    "We want to ask Nairobians not to waste themselves. You need to choose a new person. We want to recover all Nairobi's stolen funds and opportunities," stated David at the time.

    During his interview for the Chief Justice position, Justice Nduma Nderi also lauded Waihiga's father for his expertise in legal matters noting that the two served in the same law firm while starting out.

    "I was also in the same firm as Waihiga Mwaura's father who was an associate there, a very staunch Christian and advocate of repute in the country and father to a Citizen TV anchor and in their hands I started my career as a young advocate quite well," stated Nderi.

    The two worked under Singh Vohra who founded the firm, Vohra and Gitau Advocates. Vohra would later become the founder of the popular Sarova Hotels.

    Waihiga Mwaura's father David Mwaura
    Waihiga Mwaura's father David Mwaura.
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