Fresh Fallout Between Jubilee & ODM

  • File image of President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) and Orange Democratic Movement leader, Raila Odinga (right)
    File image of President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) and Orange Democratic Movement leader, Raila Odinga (right)
  • Jubilee top brass leadership under President Uhuru Kenyatta has distanced itself from the Nairobi County oversight committee row, stating that it is a matter to be handled by the assembly. 

    Speaking to, Jubilee Communications Director- Albert Mwemusi - argued that the matter was a common occurrence in all assemblies and that the party's leadership cannot interfere with the MCAs decision until they are notified in writing. 

    Raila Odinga's ODM had accused Jubilee Party of threatening its members in a plot to oust the chairman of Nairobi County's powerful Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Wilfred Odalo. 

    The former Prime Minister's party withdrew all its Members of County Assemblies (MCAs) from the oversight committee as a result of the alleged wrangle. 

    An image of Imwatok
    Makongeni Member of County Assembly Peter Imwatok speaking at a past event.

    "All assemblies have the mandate to conduct such transactions. The matter only comes to us when the members officially write and ask for our intervention. I have not received any official request," Mwemusi stated. 

    ODM's Nairobi County Minority Whip, Peter Imwatok, wrote to Assembly Speaker Benson Mutura, claiming that he got wind of the plot reportedly being orchestrated by Jubilee.  

    Imwatok alleged that Jubilee, under President Uhuru Kenyatta, wanted to clip powers of the committee and protect certain corrupt individuals in the Executive. 

    "It has come to my attention and that of the Minority Leader in the House that the members of the PAC have been intimidated and coerced by other members to endorse the purported removal of the current chairperson Wilfred Odalo," Imwatok's stated in his letter and notified the speaker of his decision to discharge ODM members

    He also accused Jubilee of bypassing assembly leadership to influence members. 

    Jubilee on the other end criticised Imwatok and the ODM members and also alleged that the chairperson was corrupt and ineligible to lead the committee. 

    "We are not going to be led by a person, who is accused of corruption and gross misconduct," Waithaka ward Representative Anthony Kiragu declared, adding that a majority of the MCAs were united in the quest to oust Odalo, Mabatini MCA.

    The opposing MCAs had earlier on attempted to oust Imwatok who had alleged that the Deputy Governor of Nairobi, Anne Kananu was involved in a Ksh 400 million scam, an illegal payment to an insurance company. 

    To punish Jubilee, ODM MCAs further warned that they would frustrate the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) led by Director General Mohamed Badi and City Hall under Deputy Governor Anne Kananu. 

    An exterior shot of the City Hall front entrance In Nairobi City. Thursday, February 20, 2020
    City Hall front entrance in Nairobi City. Thursday, February 20, 2020. The building houses the Nairobi County Assembly.
    Simon Kiragu