Thief Behind Creative Stealing Technique Traced to Zimbabwe

The suspected thief who was arrested in Zimbabwe on Thursday, May 27, 2021

A thief posing as a 'ghost' was the subject of discussion on online platforms after a section of internet users alleged that he was apprehended in Mombasa, Nairobi and Mt Kenya towns. 

However, fact-checked and traced the story to Zimbabwe. NewsDay Zimbabwe, on Thursday, May 27, reported that the suspect was arrested by police and charged with burglary. 

The 27-year-old youth, from the Gutu district in Masvingo, was reported to have dressed like a 'ghost' to frighten his victims before robbing them undisturbed. 

Zimbabwean police disclosed that he had a 'ghost suit', an attire he would wear before breaking the law. The suit entailed a white human skeleton design painted on a black outfit. 

Zimbabwe National Police Spokesperson - Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi

Zimbabwe National Police Spokesperson - Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi - was reported to have confirmed the arrest. 

Nyathi stated that investigations into the issue had commenced and that a preliminary report detailed that the suspect had robbed more than two homesteads using the same technique.

“He would pretend to be a ghost and frighten people, when the people run away, he would help himself to their belongings.

“The suspect stole a ladder at a certain homestead, then in another incident, he locked the door from outside while trying to steal solar panels, but the owner of the house broke the door and arrested him,” Nyathi stated. 

A debate ensued online in Kenya over the thief’s creative technique with some noting that he was stealing without inflicting injuries on his targets. Others argued that the story was just a myth or an online creation. 

In some groups, a number of Kenyans tagged police officers famously known as Hessy wa Dandora while seeking clarification on the viral posts. 

"Kenyans creativity at high levels and by the way is he in a museum," Polly Sam wondered. 

“Now that the President revived Rivatex, he should go ahead and build another industry for costumes. Costume industries play a major role in industrialised countries. This is a business idea worth exploring," Julie Nganga added in a sample of comments. 

A screengrab of a Facebook post shared on Thursday, May 27, 2021
A screengrab of a post alleging that the 'ghost' thief was arrested in Kenya


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