Atheist Boss Resigns After Finding Jesus

  • An Image of Seth Mahiga
    An Image of Seth Mahiga on December, 5, 2020
  • The national secretary of the Atheists in Kenya Society (AIKS), Seth Mahiga, resigned from the organisation on Saturday, May 29, 2021.

    In a press statement released by AIKS, Mahiga's reason for resignation was that he had found Jesus Christ and was no longer interested in promoting atheism in Kenya.

    He had served as the secretary for a year and a half.

    The society president Harrison Mumia, in the statement termed Seth as a dedicated leader and wished him the best in his newly found faith.

    ''We wish Seth all the best in his new found relationship with Christ. We thank him for having served the society with dedication over the last one and half years.''

    Harrison Mumia
    Atheists in Kenya leader Harrison Mumia during an interview on February 24, 2020.
    The Standard

    The resignation comes months after the society had adressed a letter to the National Environment Management (NEMA) that they were compiling a list of churches and mosques that had become a nuisance to Kenyans due to noise pollution.

    AIKS has made other headlines with it's assertation that there is no God or any other supreme being.
    In 2020, the society had also petitioned for the word 'God' to be removed from the National Anthem.

    According to a report given by Statista, Christianity was identified as the main religion in Kenya. As of 2019, over 85 percent of the population identified as Christians, among which 33.4 percent were protestants, 20.6 percent catholics, 20.4 percent evangelicals, and 7 percent from  African Instituted Churches.

    The Atheists group points to 2.5 percent of Kenyans that reported not having any religious affiliations. Pushing for the country to adopt science, rationality and humanistic approach to morality.

    Netizens reacted differently on the news of the resignation giving their comments on the matter.
    ''Another pair of knees have bowed down and tongue confessed that Jesus is Lord! Finally seen the light '', one commented read.

    Another one said, ''He should pin Jesus current location where he found him so that we can all go there and find the dude too.''

    A Press statement By The Atheists In Kenya Society Released on May, 29,2021
    A Press statement By The Atheists In Kenya Society Released on May, 29,2021