Detectives Reveal New Leads in Mwenda Mbijiwe Case

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    Former KDF official and security expert Mwenda Mbijiwe
  • Detectives are following new leads in ex-Kenya Air Force officer Mwenda Mbijiwe's case. 

    Mbijiwe was reported missing by his family after they were unable to contact him or track his whereabouts for six days. 

    Lead detectives in the case detailed that a car resembling one the security consultant was last seen in was found abandoned in Kigumo, Muranga County, 166km from his home. 

    Mbijiwe was reported to have borrowed the car from a police officer based at Pangani Police Station, Nairobi. 

    Police officers on duty at a police station in Kenya

    A preliminary finding by the police further ascertained that the missing ex-KDF officer met with one of his police friends before driving towards Meru. 

    Detectives are racing against time to piece the jigsaw puzzle but believe that identifying the police officers, the last people Mbijiwe interacted with, will aid them in solving the mystery. 

    The family are yet to speak on the car or confirm if it is the same Mbijiwe borrowed. The 2017 Meru Gubernatorial seat contestant was vocal on matters security and politics too. 

    In his last post on social media pages, he expressed his displeasure with the Judiciary after the High Court nullified the Building Bridges Initiative and other Executive orders issued by President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

    "What you are witnessing in Kenya now is the rise of judicial activism and the self-assertion of radical judges. These will in not-so-far future transform into legislators of law. 

    "They will usurp the power of the Executive and the Legislature and change laws at will," Mbijiwe opined. 

    His sister Tamara Mbijiwe, on Thursday, June 17, told that she was following up on the case she filed at Central Police Station and was hopeful that police will expedite the matter and track his brother. 

    "Ever since all his phones went off, the car he was using is yet to be found. In case of any information about his whereabouts kindly get in touch or report to the nearest police station.

    'Kindly remember him and the family in prayers," Tamara urged. 

    A photo of the Central Police Station in Nairobi
    Central Police Station in Nairobi
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