Ex-Presidential Aspirant Speaks Out in UK After ATPU Raid Home

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    2013 Presidential aspirant Jaffer Isaak address the media in 2013
  • 2013 Presidential aspirant Jaffer Isaak Sora has spoken out two days after his Nairobi home was raided by Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) officers.

    In a video clip he shared online from his UK residence on Saturday June 19,, Isaak noted that the police were harassing his family based in the mansion and had taken away their passports.

    He further argued that he had been been upgraded from a weed dealer to an international terrorist wand none of his children were spared.

    "We are till struggling. They have now added Anti-Terror to terrorise my wife and children. She is emotionally and psychologically being tortured. My children are without a mother. Those kids are being destroyed by the broken system.

    A campaign poster for Jaffer Isaak Sora in the 2013 Presidential elections

    "What I can tell you, I am no longer a weed dealer. I am now a member of an international terrorist organisation. My wife is a suspect. My four-year-old son, his passport has been taken for investigation. That is a broken system," stated Isaak.

    In the clip, Isaak asked his supporters to pray for his health and that of his family as well as share the clip far and wide for an action to be taken.

    "Now they have started terrorism on my wife. You can put anything on me, what do you want from a poor woman and children," he stated.

    The raid occurred on Wednesday, June 16 with his lawyer Cliff Ombeta confirming that the family had been harassed prior to the raid.

    Isaak had threatened the lives of police and public servants in a video he recorded in May 2021.

    "At least, have the decency of returning the kids' laptops and books," Ombeta urged. 

    The army man has been at loggerheads with the police force since he was arrested allegedly transporting 445 kilograms of bhang worth Ksh13 million on Tuesday night, June 18, 2019. 

    He was released on Ksh3 million bond but was reported to have declined numerous summons issued by the police thereafter. 

    Below is the video:

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