Police Officer Caught Red-Handed Robbing Woman at Gun Point

  • Police car during a crackdown on PSVs Non-compliant to covid-19
    Police officers patrolling in Kenya during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • A police officer was apprehended by his colleagues - on Tuesday, June 22 - after he was caught red-handed reportedly robbing a businesswoman at gunpoint. 

    According to police reports, the armed officer allegedly attempted to steal from the mobile money agent in Chuka, Tharaka Nithi County. 

    The Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) officer was reported to have requested to withdraw money at the agent's kiosk before turning against her. 

    "Instead, he entered the kiosk through the back door and robbed her cash amounting to Ksh9,000. 

    A suspect in handcuffs
    A suspect in handcuffs

    "He pointed the rifle at her when she attempted to scream for help," a police statement read in part.

    Members of the public, nonetheless, heard the commotion and ganged up against the officer. They assaulted and threatened to lynch the officer while accusing him of robbery with violence and misusing his firearm. 

    His colleagues who were alerted of the mob's intention rushed to the scene and protected him from the agitated crowd.

    "Police officers rushed to the scene and rescued the accused officer attached to Embu West Sub-County.

    "He was armed with a CZ Scorpion s/no. KE AP C239003 loaded with 20 rounds of ammunition of 9mm," the statement added.

    A handcuff and a black bag with unknown content were also seized. The suspect was rushed to the hospital for treatment as he had incurred body injuries. 

    Police launched investigations into the case. 

    Police officers on duty at a police station in Kenya