5 Places Where You Are Likely to Meet Boda Boda Robbers

  • A screenshot of a pillion passenger stealing a mobile phone from a traffic police officer
    A screenshot of a pillion passenger stealing a mobile phone from a traffic police officer
  • Security in Nairobi has now grown worse with boda boda robbers using some of the most daring tricks to steal from people as witnessed in the recent weeks.

    In fact, there is a need more than ever to be extremely careful while moving from one place to another to ensure you don’t become a victim of the boda boda robbers.

    Here are some of the most common places you are like to meet these criminals:


    Roundabouts are some of the most dangerous places you are likely to meet these thugs. Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Kayole OCS Henrik Kandie confirmed roundabouts create environments that favor thugs who snatch phones and other valuables from people.

    Kayole, Dandora, Huruma and Roysambu roundabouts are some of the common places these criminals are ever present.

    Earlier this week, a police officer controlling traffic at the Roysambu roundabout on Thika Road lost his phone to criminals who were riding on a motorbike just in seconds. 

    Private roads

    Kandie noted that most boda boda robbers target those walking alone along private roads no matter what time it is since they are sure they would execute their job and speed off without being caught.

    This confirms a recent incident in Kilimani area where two thugs on a motorbike robbed an individual at gunpoint and made away with valuables including a laptop and a smartphone.

    “Avoid private and unlit areas and never walk alone in narrow paths that make you a possible target by the muggers,” Kandie states.

    Bypass areas

    Bypass areas create environment that favors thugs since they are less busy at times and away from town centers. 

    Last month, detectives from the Directorate of the Criminal Investigations (DCI) arrested six more suspects linked to robberies of motorists and pedestrians along the Southern Bypass, a move that brought the total number of arrested suspects in June to 15 with 112 phones recovered.

    Petrol stations

    According to Kandie, thugs take advantage of every opportunity they get regardless of the place and  petrol stations have now become common places they target individuals.

    Earlier this week, a CCTV camera captured a daring thug snatching a phone from an employee at a petrol station.

    Backstreet corridors

    According to Kandie, backstreet corridors provide better chances for daring thugs to snatch phones and other valuables from individuals and disappear without being caught.

    “The best thing to do is to ensure you don’t walk alone or talk on phone while passing through these corridors to avoid exposing yourself. If you can use another direction to your destination the better,” Kandie stated.

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