Meet Kenyan Who Built Hushpuppi's Fraud Syndicate

Juma and Hushpuppi
Juma and Hushpuppi were indicted in the US for a fraud syndicate

It has emerged that a Kenyan man, Abdulrahman Imraan Juma, was the brains behind the Nigerian influencer Ramon Abass Alias Hushpuppi's global wire fraud.

According to court documents, Juma who was seemingly roped into the Ksh2.5 billion fraud syndicate has emerged as the man who choreographed the whole scheme, merely bringing Hushpuppi on board.

Juma hatched the whole idea in Nairobi before pitching it to Hushpuppi who gladly accepted the deal.

Hushpuppi poses for a photo
Hushpuppi poses for a photo

Hushpuppi embraced the scheme and went on to recruit Nigerian Deputy Commissioner of Police Alhaji Kyari.

Juma is indicted in the United States for his role in the Ksh100 million fraud scheme.

Others indicted in the fraud network include Kelly Chibuzo, Rukayat Motunray, and Bolatito Tawakalitu for defrauding a Qatar investor by pretending they would help him get Ksh1.6 million.

The victim is a Qatari businessman looking for a financier to build a school in Doha. He hired a financial advisor who stumbled on a company in Upper Hill Nairobi owned by Juma.

"On November 12, 2019, the Financial Adviser and the victim traveled to Kenya to meet in person with Juma," FBI agent stated in a filed affidavit.

He added, " during the meeting, the victim signed a contract with the company. The contract stated that the victim was responsible for paying a "consultancy fee" of Ksh24 million through the law firm Okatch and partners which was located in Kenya."

It was during the meeting that Juma was tricked and the fraud syndicate was busted.

Together they face fraud charges in the US.

This comes as city lawyer Donald Kipkorir opened up on being approached to run the business.

In a post on Twitter, the lawyer stated that he would have been indicted by the United States if he dared get into business.

Kipkorir explained that the Juma had approached him through a close associate in Mombasa.

Hushpuppi poses for a photo in a private jet
Hushpuppi poses for a photo in a private jet
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