How Kenyan Youth Built Ksh500 Million Empire With Ksh40K Helb Loan

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    Moses Muriithi Kihunii, the CEO of Fanaka Real Estate located in Ruai
  • Kenyan students, over the years, have heavily relied on loans offered by the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) offered by the government to pay fees and purchase essentials during their stay in universities. 

    For Moses Muriithi Kihunii, then an engineering student at Kenyatta University, the loan provided him with a chance to venture into business and exploit different markets. 

    A decision that not only boosted his income but also enabled him to create a real estate firm and create employment opportunities for other youthful Kenyans. 

    The CEO at Fanaka Real Estate, located in Ruai graduated, with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering in 2013. However, prior to his graduation, Muriithi understood that the job market would be flooded by thousands of graduates and thus resorted to self-employment. 

    Kenyans waiting for service at Helb offices
    Kenyans waiting for service at Helb offices
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    The entrepreneur used his HELB loan to purchase an online writing account at nearly Ksh40,000 and balanced his curricular with his newfound venture. 

     “I knew from the start I would want to be self-employed, that’s why I focused on raising my startup capital while at the campus. I saved some funds from my HELB loans and acquired an online account. 

    “I made strides and recurred some of the money but suffered a major loss when the account was deactivated over some technical issues. This did not deter me as I was determined to make it. I saved again and bought another writing account,” he told

    The second account proved a success and from the profits accrued, Muriithi ventured into real estate by purchasing plots and later selling them at a profit. 

    “I worked with online accounts for a period of three years between 2012- 2015. I set goals and listed what I wanted to do with the funds. I decided to purchase two or three parcels of land each year,” he added. 

    After graduation, the entrepreneur had several plots in prime areas within the Nairobi metropolis. He then decided to register a company, Fanaka Real Estate in 2015

    “Our company has successfully aided clients to purchase prime plots as we are customer-oriented. We also ensure that all legal aspects are adhered to. 

    “Many clients at times are afraid of investing as they are wary of the syndicates and schemes orchestrated by fraudsters. I strived to create a reputation for my firm which has risen over the years due to referrals and also the output of our work. We, as Fanaka, always encourage clients to conduct searches at the land offices before committing themselves.

    “The integrity aspect has boosted our name as we ensure that all our parcels are legal, have ready titles and are in areas suitable for immediate development,” he added. 

    The CEO also worked towards working directly with landowners than brokers who hike land prices. 

    “My advice to young entrepreneurs is to keep working hard, be dedicated, remain focused on their goals and with time they will bear the fruit,” Muriithi advised.  

    Moses Muriithi Kihunii, a KU alumni in his office