How a Minor Accident Caused Major Traffic Snarl up on Busy Nairobi Road

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    Vehicles Caught in the Trafic Snarl-up on Waiyaki Way on September 13, 2021
  • A minor altercation caused a major traffic snarl-up on Waiyaki Way on the morning of Monday, September 13.

    The road altercation involved a hatch-back personal vehicle and a 33-seater minibus at Westlands area next to the Toyota Kenya branch.

    A correspondent, who was caught up in the traffic, observed that the minibus had slightly brushed the personal vehicle.

    The 33 Seater Mini-bus and Personal Car Involved in a Minor Accident on Waiyaki Way
    The 33 Seater Mini-bus and Personal Car Involved in a Minor Altercation on Waiyaki Way

    As a result, both vehicles, which occupied two lanes of the road, were forced to stop, blocking other motorists on the dual carriage road. Motorists heading towards Safaricom, Kangemi and beyond were caught up in the snarl up for over an hour.

    When the two motorists failed to agree on who was on the wrong, traffic police officers were called in to intervene. The officers arrived at the scene shortly after and assessed the damages on each of the two vehicles.

    The traffic police officer had to act with speed asking the two drivers to move their vehicles to a closed section of the road under construction in order to pave the way for other motorists.

    Motorists attempting to use alternative routes were forced to return to Waiyaki Way as the alternate roads too registered high traffic that had spilt from the scene.

    Traffic in major roads in the city has worsened over the last few months following the ongoing construction works on the Nairobi Expressway that connects the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Westlands.

    The construction works have seen some lanes on the busy highway closed or reduced.

    Worst hit by the traffic are motorists plying Mombasa Road who have, in some cases, spent nights on the road owing to very heavy traffic. 

    The Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) asked the company contracted to build the express way to construct alternative roads to ease the traffic. Also, stepping in to save city residents is Kenya Railways, which has increased the number of trains ferrying passengers to the city as an alternative to beat the traffic.

    KeNHA asked motorists to be more patient as the express way takes shape. The construction of the Nairobi Express Way is expected to be concluded by February 2022.

    A Police Officer Managing the Traffic On Waiyaki Way on Monday, September 13