5 Kenyan CEOs Ranked Among 50 Best Leaders in Africa

  • Left to right: Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi, Jennifer Riria from Kenya Women Microfinance Bank and KCB CEO Joshua Oigara.
    Left to right: Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi, Jennifer Riria from Kenya Women Microfinance Bank and KCB CEO Joshua Oigara.
  • Five Kenyan banking Chief Executive Officers have emerged among the best leaders in the sector across Africa after successfully guiding their establishments through the murky world of Covid-19 pandemic.

    Reputation Poll International LLC, on Saturday, September 11, released a list of 50 leaders who played an imperative role in revolutionizing the banking sector.

    The leaders were judged by a criteria that included excellence, integrity, reliability, expertise, technology, and ease of credit.

    The five include Charles Mudiwa of Stanbic Bank Ltd, James Mwangi of Equity Bank of Kenya, Jennifer Riria of Kenya Women Microfinance Bank, Joshua Nyamweya Oigara of the Kenya Commercial Bank Group and Nasim Mohamed Devji of Diamond Trust Bank Group.

    Stanbic Bank Kenya Ltd CEO Charles Mudiwa
    Stanbic Bank Kenya Ltd CEO Charles Mudiwa.

    "Leading banks have a proper and well-defined pattern of operation model constructed by a major in-house innovative mind-a leader; these are Bank CEOs and MDs. Those in these positions are those who deploy strategies significantly to be able to respond to changes in the market."

    "There are no fluke approaches in such attained heights and results. They not only manage new operating models but also sustain a more functional innovation program that banks retain to their advantage as fintech systems progresses," read the statement in part.

    Reputation Poll International LLC, also established that the banks in question survived the Covid-19 pandemic's negative effect on the economy which saw a decline in the Return On Equity (ROE) from 14% in 2019, to 7% in 2020 according to the McKinsey Report 2020.

    It is estimated that the economic recovery in developed countries will take up to five years while those from African countries are expected to rebound in three years.

    Mudiwa started his career in the banking sector in 1993 before moving to Standard Bank in 2002 where he has worked in the bank's branches in South Africa and Malawi. In 2007, he moved to Stanbic in 2013.

    James Mwangi, on the other hand, has been serving as Equity Bank's Chief Executive Officer for a while and he was named the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year 2012.

    Riria has served the KWFT Board since 1991 and is currently the Group CEO of Echo Network Africa (ENA). She is a PHD holder and a distinguished Microfinance Banker and Practitioner, Researcher and Gender Specialist.

    She has served in many other leadership roles for which she has been recognized locally and internationally. 

    Oigara served in various companies across the country ranging from Bidco Africa before joining the Banking sector in 2011 as the Group Chief Financial Officer of Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB). He later rose to be the CEO and Managing Director in 2013.

    Devji was first hired by Diamond Trust Bank Group as the regional financial controller before she rose to the position of group Managing Director and group Chief Executive Officer five years later.

    Diamond Trust Bank Group boss Nasim Mohamed Devji
    Diamond Trust Bank Group boss Nasim Mohamed Devji.