Osumo Brad: Tweet Changed My Kibanda Into a Multimillion Business

Fish Meal
BigFish Resturant Fish Meal Displayed On a Table. : Twitter.

The early years for any entrepreneur starting off is seen as the most crucial but holds with it untold stories of tears, and laughter which was no different for entrepreneur Osumo Brad. 

Osumo is a fishmonger and founder of BigFish business which has grown into one of the biggest food joints in the country.

It wasn't always smooth for the entrepreneur who started the business with his sisters as an informal eatery, popularly known as a kibanda - just after finishing school.

On December 21, 2019, Osumo while operating at the small business premise made a bold move to post on his Twitter handle as a joke. 

“On that Day, being a Twitter fan, I decided to post one of the images at 1:23 pm (EAT). Coming back, I was astonished to find that it had blown up in proportion with comments of orders.”

The post became the gold mine for him as it changed his establishment with orders from clients in the digital space, something that has left him astonished till now.

BigFish's first location sitting restaurant was at Roasters, Nairobi, that had started in August 2018.

The target clientele was the informal sector “Jua-Kali”  working in the area and who came looking for meals during work breaks. 


“We used to sell Nileperch “Mbuta” that we would slice for our target clientele since they could not afford a whole one,” Osumo added.

So far they have three outlets with the latest one being at Churchroad, Westlands which started operations in July 2021.

“When starting a business, you have no guarantee of its success. The business came to pick up two years later but the returns were low at that time with each one having personal needs,” Osumo described his entrepreneurial journey attributing its success to the social media post. 

According to Ajira Digital 2021 Report, 1.2 million Kenyan adults are working online.

It is from this that he urges entrepreneurs to use social media to advance their business reach regardless of the number of followers as he shared his post to 300 followers.

His restaurant has come to be most sought after with prominent figures becoming his clientele- such as Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi.

Osumo Brad
Osumo Brad(C) With Colleagues Posing For A photo In One Of BigFish Resturants Outlets. : Twitter.
Nelson Havi(L) and Osumo Brad(R)
Nelson Havi(L) and Osumo Brad(R) In Westlands BigFish Resturant. : Twitter.