Cops Arrested for Allegedly Helping Masten Wanjala Escape Jail

  • Suspected serial killer Masten Wanjala in court on Friday, July 15, 2021
    Suspected serial killer Masten Wanjala in court on Friday, July 15, 2021
  • Update: October 14: Milimani Senior Resident Magistrate Jane Kamau ordered police to detain their three colleagues who were accused of aiding suspected serial killer Masten Wanjala to escape from Jogoo Police Station, Nairobi. 

    The trio will be held at Capitol Hill Station until Friday morning at 9 am when the judge would issue another ruling on whether to release them on bail or have them detained for a fortnight. 

    The lead investigator from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) requested the court to allow them to hold the suspect for 14 days to complete investigations. Defence lawyer, Dansatn Omari, however, opposed the DCI officer’s request.

    Three police officers attached to Jogoo Police Station have been arrested over the escape of suspected serial killer Masten Wanjala. 

    The trio was apprehended by their colleagues from the Nairobi Regional Criminal Investigations Office.

    In a police report seen by, one police inspector and two police constables were taken in for questioning after they were suspected of aiding the fugitive break out of jail at their work station. 

    The trio will be arraigned in court to answer to relevant charges. 

    20-year-old Masten Milimu Wanjala who was arrested by DCI detectives on Wednesday, July 14, 2021.
    20-year-old Masten Milimu Wanjala who was apprehended by DCI detectives on Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

    Wanjala escaped from the police station on Tuesday evening, October 12 under unclear circumstances. 

    Buruburu Sub-County Police Commander Francis Kamau stated that the self-confessed serial killer escaped during a power outage that hit the station from afternoon to past 8 pm on the said day. 

    Detectives, however, raised concerns about the timing of his escape.

    The suspect was to be arraigned at the Makadara Law Court on Wednesday, October 13 where he was to answer 13 counts of murder

    Wanjala confessed to having killed the children in Nairobi and two neighbouring counties. 

    Police issued an alert for the fugitive and warned the public from hosting or aiding him to navigate through the city. 

    Undated image of An entrance to a Police Station
    An image of a police station in Kenya

    Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko further offered a cash reward for residents who would aid in apprehending Wanjala by providing crucial information on his whereabouts.

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