NMS Receives International Award

  • Photo of Nairobi City County.
    An aerial view photo of Nairobi City County.
  • The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has received international recognition for its exemplary performance in combating HIV infections in the county.

    During an award ceremony organized by Fast-Track Cities in conjunction with the United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) on Thursday, October 2021, NMS was recognised for its numerous initiatives in the healthcare sector.

    Some of the county government services that were highlighted during the ceremony included HIV testing and treatment. 

    NMS Director of Health Ouma Oluga receiving the award from Dr. José Zuniga on October 21 in Lisbon, Portugal.
    NMS Director of Health Ouma Oluga receiving the award from Dr. José Zuniga on October 21, 2021, in Lisbon, Portugal.

    While receiving the award, the Director of Health Services at NMS, Dr Ouma Oluga, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, stating that NMS had undertaken various initiatives in ensuring that patients within the county receive medication.

    Oluga further remarked that they made great milestones by focusing on youth programs in all the sub-counties. 

    "We have worked very closely to work on our policies. From  2018 when the prevalence was 6.1 percent, we are now at 5.2 percent. Most importantly, we have worked on the suppression of the disease for those below the age of 14 years and the youth from 61 percent to 93 percentage," he stated.

    The health service director also attributed the success of the county to the various collaborations that they had made with civil societies and learning institutions.

    "We have established frameworks for adolescents and youth on reproductive health. We also trained teachers on an integrated reproduction model for young people and put them in groups to learn from each other on HIV/AIDs and especially on the administration of medication," he remarked.

    On his part, the president of Fast-Track cities, Dr. José Zuniga, noted that Nairobi had shown exemplary results hence the recognition.

    “Through its HIV & AIDS strategic plan and innovative programming, Nairobi City County has been successfully closing the gaps between HIV diagnoses and treatment initiation with antiretroviral therapy, as well as creating enabling environments for viral suppression."

    "Equally impressive are efforts advanced in partnership with civil society to reach vulnerable population, through programming that attempts to address persistent HIV and intersectional stigma,” he explained.

    Following the announcement, Kenyans took to social media to congratulate NMS and the leadership of General Badi for their concerted efforts in transforming the healthcare sector in the county.

    "Nairobi healthcare is experiencing great changes. NMS is doing awesome work in ensuring that it gives the residents of Nairobi County accessible and affordable health care services," Irene Wanjiku tweeted.

    An image of the Fast Track Cities trophy awarded to NMS on October 21.
    An image of the Fast Track Cities trophy awarded to NMS on October 21, 2021.