Tips on How to Make Money From YouTube

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Photo Collage of Linet Masiro Munyali aka Size 8 Reborn (L)and Lawrence Mwangi aka Papa Freddie(R).

Before the world of social media came to be, no one had a slight thought that they would end up glued to their phones, laughing off to comical skits, searching for how to... or listening to music.

YouTube has indeed revolutionized our lives. We have become socially dependent on the platform that we forget that content creators are under our payroll.

Owned by tech giant Google, YouTube was started in February 2005. It has grown to be the second most visited website globally, with over one billion monthly users.

Abel Mutua
Image of Abel Mutua with his fans at Nairobi National Theatres on July 19.
Abel Mutua

You have heard of this common phrase on almost all your favorite content creator videos ‘Welcome to my YouTube channel, click on the notification bell and don’t forget to subscribe’. 

What many do not realize is that a YouTuber is able to grow their engagements from this simple phrase. As the engagements grow, they start to generate income from the monetization of their content. 

However, this is not the case for most people who only have an idle channel uploaded with one video after falling to disappointment and earning nothing, unlike their favorite influencers

Remember, we have seen professionals switching careers to become full-time Vloggers in the past, such as Joanna Kinuthia and Timothy Kimani-Njugush. will help you grow your channel and earn from it. 

Join YouTube

According to YouTube, for one to officially start to earn, they must join the Partner program, where content creators can access the platform resources and features for free. 

Through the enrollment, individuals share revenue with the platform from the advertisement placed on their content.

The good thing with the program is that Google manages everything from the placement of the Ads to payment. 

Though it sounds nice, there is a catch for it by ensuring the channel has at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours in order to apply.


The next thing that many individuals have in mind is converting the public watch hours, otherwise, Cost per 1,000 impressions(CPM) to money. Google pays 0.013 cents per subscriber and with an average of Ksh100 or Ksh200 per 1,000 subscribers.

Coming to payment of views, the platform pays Ksh100 to Ksh500 per 1,000 views. With this, you can place the amount your content creators earn from views.

Stand out

To reach the public watch hours or subscribers is not easy for the faint-hearted. After their consistency and riding on the hype, individuals like Terence Creatives have been able to crack this.

Take an example of Abel Mutua whose Mkurungenzi slogan has become a household name or Crazy Kennar with his consistent comic skits. This is how they differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

In short, ensure that you keep track of what is trending around you while being consistent with content creation.

Comedian Alex Mathenge receiving an accolade from YouTube
Comedian Alex Mathenge receiving an accolade from YouTube