Kakamega High School Demands Ksh21 Million for Strike Damages

  • Kakamega High School
    An image of the entrance to Kakamega High School captured on an unknown date.
  • Kakamega High School parents will have to collectively pay Ksh21 million to cover damages caused by the strike that occured in the institution on November 6, 2021.

    In a letter addressed to parents and guardians of students at the learning institution, the school administration indicated that all costs of damages will be shared among the learners when learning resumes.

    Further, according to the letter dated November 11, 2021, the administration stated that students will have to pay Ksh9,823 before they are allowed back to school.

    Parents and guardians were asked to clear all fees arrears before the students report back to school. In addition, the students will not be allowed back to school on the same day.

    undated image of Sigalame secondary school on fire
    undated image of Sigalame secondary school on fire

    Form Four learners will report back to school on November 15, Form Ones on November 21, Form Twos on November 23 and Form Threes will report on November 25.

    The school stated that it expects each student to be accompanied by a parent or guardian and report to school before 8 am.

    In the letter, the school indicated the Ministry of Transport carried out an analysis of the damage done, with the burned down dormitory amounting to Ksh12 million while the double-decker beds destroyed in the inferno amounted to Ksh4 million. 

    The administration stated it will provide a mattress, two blankets and two bedsheets to 560 students whose items were destroyed in the fire.

    Following the fire incident at the National School, police launched investigations and arrested 16 students to shed light on the cause of the fire.

    Kakamega Governor, Wycliffe Oparanya, proposed tougher punishment for students behind the current wave of increased school unrest, that has left infrastructure in dozens of learning institutions burnt to ashes. 

    Speaking during the burial of Agnetta Ayuma Bukaya on Saturday, November 6, the governor pointed out that they should serve a minimum sentence of 60 years in order to serve as a lesson to others.

    "What I know is that there won't be government funds that will go to repairing the schools. We as parents should warn our kids not to commit such atrocities.

    "I instruct the magistrate that if they find any student guilty, he or she should be jailed for 60 years and they get out when they are older. This is to serve as a lesson to others," he stated.

    His words mirrored sentiments by former Kakamega Senator, Boni Khalwale, who expressed disappointment after the two dormitories at Kakamega High School were torched.

    "The so-called students at Kakamega High School have set our iconic Alma Marta on fire! As a current parent at this school, I am ashamed, to say the least," Khalwale stated.

    Former Kakameg Senator, Boni Khalwale addresses a crowd in Kakamega County on November 6.
    Former Kakamega Senator, Boni Khalwale addresses a crowd in Kakamega County on November 6.
    Boni Khalwale
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