Inside the Life of Dancing KBC Presenter Shiksha Arora

KBC news anchor Shiksha Arora in May 2020.
KBC news anchor Shiksha Arora in May 2020.

Kenya Broadcasting corporation (KBC) Presenter, Shiksha Arora, has graced the media screens for years with her fun-filled demeanor and admirable oral proficiency. 

In an interview with, the feisty anchor disclosed that her journey in the media industry began when she worked as a part-time radio presenter at Easy Fm, a move she did not see coming, adding that she never set out to pursue media.

Shiksha enrolled at the University of Nairobi to pursue a degree in microbiology, however, with time, she realized that she had no passion in what she was studying. 

The anchor shared that her love for journalism developed during her time working as a part-time radio presenter. Having realized her newfound passion, she pursued a Master's degree in Journalism at the Westminster University in the United Kingdom while simultaneously working at BBC.

Image of Shiksha Arora dated March 3,2019
Image of Shiksha Arora receiving an award dated March 3, 2019
Shiksha Arora Facebook

She continued to narrate that looking for a job in the media industry was a daunting task for her. Shiksha mentioned she had to wait five months before receiving call backs from the media houses she had applied to.

''I kept applying for jobs at different media houses, I literally called all media houses from K24, KTN, NTV to citizen tv, but I got no response, however, I did not give up. I did this for five months until finally, I began getting call backs for screen tests interviews from all media houses I applied to,'' she stated.

Through her unflinching determination, she was able to rise to the pinnacle of her career in journalism. She landed her first media job at K24, where she worked for two years before moving to KBC.

Shiksha has been recognized for her on-air skills as she bagged the Best Female Anchor award at the Asian Weekly Achievers Awards in 2019. 

The award-winning anchor, has an interesting life off the screens. She is not only a dance moderator and an event choreographer, but also a brand influencer who has worked with both local and international companies. Notably, she added her love for dancing began at the age of five.

Evident from her social media pages, the bubbly presenter enjoys cooking, and has a passion for fitness. It is discernible that she does not limit herself to one thing.

Adventure and travelling add to her list of hobbies as she has toured countries such as South Africa and Dubai among others. 

Image of the presenter dated August 18
Image of presenter Shiksha Arora dated August 18
Shiksha Arora Facebook